[PDF] Broiler Feeding Guide, Growth & Weight Chart

A broiler chicken feeding guide or chart tells you how much feed a broiler chicken needs to grow very well. This is important for two reasons. First, it helps you avoid feed wastage and overfeeding, thus saving money. Second, it helps you plan the quantity of broiler feeds to buy or produce. So, If a farmer knows his farm size and the number of chickens he has, he can determine the cost of feeds required.

The right amount of broiler feed is essential for the health and well-being of chickens. But knowing how much to give your broiler flock isn’t always easy — especially if you’re new to raising chickens.

A broiler feed consumption chart and weight chart help identify the optimal quantity of feeds to give broiler chickens. It also minimizes overfeeding, which can lead to loss of profit and helps farmers find the right balance for their birds. When used properly, this will help ensure your chicken is healthy and growing at a healthy rate.

If you are looking to raise chickens for meat, this article will help you understand the feeding practices associated with raising broiler chickens for meat and a broiler feeding program.

Broiler Feeding Program

The broiler feeding program is divided into three phases. They are:

  • Broiler Starter Phase: 0 to 10 days
  • Broiler Grower Phase: 11 to 25 days
  • Broiler Finisher Phase: 26 to 42 days or longger

The diets or feeds given in these phases are broiler starter diet, broiler grower diet and broiler finisher diet respectively.

Broiler Starter (0-10 days)

It is the initial feed for broiler chickens and it is given to broiler chicks from age 0 day to 10 days. The diet must contain maximum quality proteins and energy sources. In starter feed, the crude protein level is high (21-22% CP) and the metabolizable energy level is low (3000 Kcal/kg ME). Crude fiber content is low (4-5% CF) because chicks can’t digest fiber very well. The starter feed must contain supplements and essential minerals and vitamins.

A quality broiler starter feed supports early growth and physiological development, ensuring that your chickens grow up to be healthy and profitable. A good starter feed should be based on the broiler chicks’ needs and not the cost of making it. Click here for the standard broiler chicken starter nutritional requirements

Broiler Grower (11-25 days)

The broiler grower feed is given to broiler chickens at an early phase of the growth period i.e. 11-25 days of age. In this phase of production, the diet must contain balanced crude protein (19-20% CP) and metabolizable energy (3050 Kcal/kg ME) with fairly low fiber content (7-8% CF). Click here for the standard broiler chicken grower nutritional requirements

Broiler Finisher (26-42 days or longer)

The broiler finisher diet is given from age 26 days to 42 days or until slaughter. The broiler finisher diet must contain high energy and lower protein. The metabolizable energy should be 3100-3200 Kcal/kg while the crude protein should be 18-19%. Click here for the standard broiler chicken finisher nutritional requirements

Broiler Feeding Chart & Growth Chart

With the broiler feeding and weight chart below, you will be able to answer the following questions related to feeding broilers. These questions include:

  1. What quantity of feed does broiler require before they reach market weight?
  2. What is the total quantity of feed required to feed broilers to maturity?
  3. What is the total quantity of feed consumed by a broiler per week?
  4. What is the growth rate of broilers?
  5. What is the average weight of a broiler each week?

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Expected Broiler Weight Per Week & Feed Consumption Table

Age (Week)Feed Consumed Per Bird (kg)Cumulative Feed Consumed (kg)Average Body Weight Per Bird (kg)Average Body Weight Gain Per Bird (kg)
Week 10.1670.1670.1850.185
Week 20.3750.5420.4650.280
Week 30.651.1920.9430.478
Week 40.9452.1371.5240.581
Week 51.2153.3522.1910.667
Week 61.4344.7862.8570.666
Week 71.5936.3793.5060.649
Week 81.6918.0704.1110.605
Week 91.7159.7854.6490.538


From the above chart, it could be deduced that:

  • A broiler will consume approximately 1.2 kg of feed (broiler starter + grower) from week 1 to week 3.
  • A broiler will weigh about 1.52 kg at the end of week 4.
  • A broiler chicken will eat about 8.6 kg of feed (broiler finisher) from week 4 to week 9.
  • A broiler will have an average body weight of 4.65 kg at the end of week 9.

Kindly Note:

  • The above chart did not consider the sex of the broiler chicken.
  • The above is just a standard chart. It is meant to be a guide for you.
  • You can get get a better body weight (e.g. 3 kg) before the end of the 6th week. Yes, click here to learn more.

Try our Simple Broiler Feed Calculator

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45-Day Broiler Chicken Feeding Guide PDF

Managing the feed requirements and nutritional needs of broiler chickens is crucial for optimizing flock performance. Find below the link to download the broiler feeding guide PDFs for various strains of broiler chickens which include the Cobb 500, Cobb 700, Ross 308, Ross 708 and Arbor Acres Plus.

Broiler Feed Consumption and Weight Chart [Jpeg]

Standard Broiler Feed Chart

FAQs about Broiler Feeding

a. How many bags of feed for 50 broilers in a month?

50 broilers should consume about 130 kg of feed in a month. That is 5 bags of 25kg feed in a month.

b. What is the maximum weight of a broiler?

A jumbo broiler can weigh up to 8kg.

c. What is the weight of a day-old broiler?

A day-old broiler chick weighs 40-45 grams.

d. How to calculate feed intake in poultry?

This is quite simple. Get a standard poultry feeding guide and check the daily, weekly or monthly feed intake of a chicken. Multiply the cumulative feed consumption by the number of birds.

e. Is there a broiler chicken feed calculator?

Yes, there is. There is a broiler chicken feed calculator here.

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      • Sir but my chicken was 3 kg in 38 days in summer but now in winter its only 1kg in 22 days so why is it so can u please explain me

        • Feeds and Feeding might be the reason. Are you giving the same feed you gave the previous one, and in the same quantity? Are the birds from the same source and breed? Do you have the chart from the hatchery or vendor you procured them from?

  1. The last table at week 5 we have 1.186kg per birds. If that is correct are you saying we will be needing 593kg feed for 500 birds in their 5th week amounting to 23bags per day? Pls explain

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    • You shouldn’t e confused. Broilers are known to grow faster than other chickens, even within a short time. So if you’re surprised because of the rapid weight increase, please don’t be. That is how it should be. By the way it is 0.8kg and not 800kg

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