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Livestocking is simply defined as the act of producing, raising, keeping or breeding livestock animals. Livestock animals are animals raised or kept primarily for consumption, to generate income and to assist with farm operations. Examples of livestock animals are cattle, chickens, turkeys, goats, sheep, pigs, dogs, horses, ox, donkeys, ostrich, etc. Learn more about livestock animals here.

About Livestocking Blog

Livestock animals are very important to man primarily because they are the major source of protein for man, except for vegetarians. No doubt, the demand for animal protein is rapidly increasing due to the increasing world population. Despite this increase, the number of livestock farmers we have across the globe is fewer compared to the high demand for meat by billions of people in the world. A local survey has shown that many people are interested in keeping livestock animals, but the major thing that keeps them back is the lack of knowledge on how they could go about it. A lot of them have backed out because they have lost money on the enterprise due to poor production and other related bad experience. Even some livestock farmers are on the verge of giving up owing to problems like the inability to access up-to-date livestock farming information, poor funding, sales challenges and managerial problem.

Should we fold our hands while seeing a lot of farmers backing out of agriculture? Should we allow people to die of hunger as people lose interest in raising animals? Should we turn deaf ears to the cry of farmers when we know we can assist?

Livestocking Blog is an online hub where livestock farmers and those who are interested in raising animals can learn. This is a platform where animal farmers are educated on livestock production or farming, livestock feed management, livestock health management, livestock housing management, sales and marketing. On Livestocking Blog, you will learn how to optimize your production or output, get the best out of your animals and how to improve your ROI.

Livestocking covers different areas of livestock farming which include chicken, turkey, quail, ostrich, cattle, goat, sheep, pig, grasscutter, rabbit, snail, guinea pig, honey bee and fish. In short, we cover everything about livestock. Whether you are a new or old livestock farmer, Livestocking Blog is a great place to learn.

We have great and experienced writers and farmers that are always ready to share their knowledge with the world for free. Akinbobola Akinwemoye, Livestocking founder and lead author, is very passionate about livestock and has done great work on Livestocking. He has written and published over 160 articles on this blog and also collaborated with other on-the-field professionals to give the best to Livestocking readers and audiences. Read more about Akinbobola Here.

Livestocking has grown from just being a blog to a popular brand and active community of farmers. Nevertheless, we look forward to becoming the No. 1 blog in the world and the best site for livestock farming knowledge.