Vaccination Schedule for Broilers and Turkeys

Vaccination is very important in livestock production, especially in poultry production. Poultry farmers should vaccinate their flock (broiler, pullets, layers, turkeys, duck, geese, etc.) against diseases to avoid losing them to these diseases and prevent high financial loss.

Vaccination, in addition to proper farm hygiene and sanitation practice, enables you as a farmer to prevent diseases from taking over your flock, allowing you to get the best out of your animals and also producing wholesome or safe meat for human consumption.

The vaccination schedule for both backyard and commercial broiler chickens and Turkeys is as follows:

Vaccination Schedule for Backyard and Commercial Broilers

AgeVaccineRoute of Administration
Day 1MDVSubcutaneous
IB VaccineSpray
Day 5-71st NDV lasotaOral
Day 14-161st IBDVOral
Day 21-252nd IBDVOral
Day 28-302nd NDV LasotaOral

Vaccination Schedule for Backyard and Commercial Turkeys

AgeVaccineRoute of Administration
Day 11st NDV LasotaSpray or oral
Week 6Fowl PoxWing Web
Week 9-102nd NDV LasotaOral
Week 12Fowl CholeraOral
Week 153rd NDV LasotaOral

MDV: Marek’s Disease Vaccine
IB: Infectious Bronchitis
NDV: Newcastle Disease Vaccine
IBDV: Infectious Bursal Disease

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