How to Increase the Body Weight of Broilers


Consumers want to buy broiler chickens with higher weights, and some are ready to go with the price you are willing to sell them when they are impressed with the broilers’ weight. As a poultry farmer, I’m sure you’re having a number of broiler chickens you are raising to sell during festive periods such as Christmas, Easter, Sallah etc. However, you’re worried about something. Most or all your broilers are not growing as expected and they have not attained the expected market weight. I understand your worries and how you are feeling right now. It is not easy raising broilers for over 2 months (as the case may be) but all looks as if nothing has been done. It kills one’s morale and set fear in one’s mind.

how to raise broiler chickensThe truth is that, if your broilers do not grow bigger or have good body weights, then don’t expect much profit or have it at the back of your mind that you run at a loss. Nevertheless, you can still do something to make your broiler chicken grow bigger. This post would explain how to make broilers add more weight without incurring additional cost. Here are four ways to achieve this:

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1. Sort broilers according to their sizes and weights
The first thing you need to do is that you should sort your broilers that have similar body size or weight together, and keep them in the same growing pen. This will eliminate the factor of inequality. In addition, they will be able to feed well without being intimidated or cheated by the bigger or weightier broilers. You can increase the quantity of finisher feeds given to the group with lower weights. When you do this, you will surely see a difference.

2. Use broiler growth promoter or enhancer
I don’t usually support farmers using growth enhancers for their animals. They could be harmful to your animals in one way or the other. However, if you must use it, try and research on them and consult your veterinarian. If you must use any broiler growth enhancer, try as much as possible to use plant-based broiler growth promoter or enhancer.

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3. Avoid starving your chickens
I have visited the farms of friends and family, and even that of clients. Some of them starve their chickens in the name of no money to raise them again. In the first place, why should you commit yourself into what you won’t finish? So don’t expect any miracle if you are not giving your broilers the required quantity of feed they need to feed on. If you feed your chickens well, they will grow bigger and attract more market prices. Though, there are cases where broilers don’t grow well, irrespective of the quality and quantity of feed given to them. The major reason for this is related to the broilers’ genetic foundation. So ensure you purchase a good broiler breed from a reputable farm or hatchery if you want to raise broilers for commercial purpose.

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4. Formulate an excellent broiler feed formula
Another way to make your broilers grow bigger or have a higher weight is by producing and feeding them with an excellent feed. I have decided to share my special broiler diet formula which includes both starter and finisher diet. Click here to read more on this.

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  • Helo sire…
    I need suggestions on growth promoter/boosters and somthing to make them have weight on my 5 weeks broilers……the are very small compared to the previous ones which I started selling from 5 weeks. Please help,thanku

    • For promoters and boosters, please consult a veterinarian. However, for increased weight for your birds, give them a balanced finisher and let them have access to sufficient water. You can sort them according to their weight and feed each group separately.

  • Bisi

    Is it true that when broilers increase in weight if given feed high in fat?

    • No! It is not good and never advised to do something of such. It makes no difference. Besides, your broilers may not even consume the feed.

  • Fred

    Nice article.

  • Jacob

    Comment:hi, is it ok to add things like BKT chaffs, maze, and soya bean to the chicken feed??

  • Haroon

    My broilers have contracted AI and 200 die everyday they r 40 days old today but their avg weight is 1.5 kg, what do u suggest i do , can i shift them in different shed so they gain weight

    • Avian influenza is highly pathogenic. I will advise that you seek the help of a veterinarian to be sure of the strain that has infected your birds. If it is confirmed that some have not been infected (which I doubt), cull them immediately to avert further disaster. Please, you must consult a qualified veterinarian in this situation. He/she would be in the best position to assist you.

    • Ahmed

      how does Aaron broilers weight 1.5 in 40days so quick please tell me what to give my chicks

      • Please apply the tips discussed in this article.

        Thank you

    • gigi

      i would kill them all, burn the bodies, clean you coop (walls and ceilings included) with a disinfectant from the vet to get rid of such diseases and start fresh again. AI is not something you want to experience again and it is definitely something you want to sell to ur customers.

  • Ernest chapi

    I’m so interested in ur article sir
    I have these questions,pls help me.
    1-what can u do for ur birds to have big/large chests
    2-what can one do naturally to obtain fast growth in size

    • Akinbobola A.

      1. If you mean broilers, you have to feed them well. Use a good broiler feed formula and your stocking density should not high. Overstocking/overcrowding affects the growth rate of broilers.

      2. Hmmm. Natural way is to procure birds from a reputable hatchery/source and ensure that their genetic background (parent stock) are good. Feed the birds with a balanced ration and don’t overstock. You will surely see your birds growing fast if all these conditions have been met.




        • Akinbobola A.

          They should be weighing an average of 1.2 kg.


  • mohammed

    Hello sir,
    Thanks for this article, very nice, my birds are 3 weeks now. What size do you think they should weight now. As I intend to sell them when they are 6 weeks and we aim for 2kg. Do you think they should weight at least 1kg now? So I know if I’m on the right track or not. Thanks for your help

    • Akinbobola A.

      They should be having an average weight of 800g (males) and 600g (females). The best way to find out is to use a weighing scale.