How to Feed Broilers for Fast Growth

Broilers are chickens that are raised for meat production. They have a high growth rate and can reach market weight in about six weeks. However, to achieve this fast growth, broilers need proper feeding and management. In this article, we will discuss how to feed broilers for fast growth, explaining three feeding strategies that work.

1. Feed ad libitum

One of the most important factors that affect broiler growth is feed intake. Broilers need to consume enough feed to meet their energy and protein requirements for growth. Therefore, it is recommended to feed broilers ad libitum, which means allowing them to eat as much as they want whenever they want. This way, broilers can optimize their feed intake and growth potential.

To feed broilers ad libitum, you need to provide them with clean and fresh feed at all times. You also need to ensure that the feeders are well-spaced and accessible to all the birds. You should avoid overcrowding, which can reduce feed intake and cause stress and disease. You should also monitor the feed quality and avoid feeding moldy or spoiled feed, which can harm the birds’ health and performance.

2. Include growth promoters in their feed

Another way to enhance broilers’ growth is to include growth promoters in their feed. Growth promoters are substances that can improve the feed efficiency and growth rate of broilers by stimulating their appetite, digestion, and metabolism. Some examples of growth promoters are antibiotics, probiotics, prebiotics, enzymes, herbs, and hormones.

However, not all growth promoters are safe and legal to use in broiler production. Some of them may have negative effects on the birds’ health, welfare and product quality. They may also pose risks to human health and the environment by causing antibiotic resistance, residues and contamination. Therefore, before using any growth promoter in your broiler feed, you should consult with your veterinarian and follow the regulations and guidelines of your country.

3. Give balanced feed that will provide the nutrients required by the birds

Another key factor that influences broiler growth is feed quality. Broilers need a balanced feed that can provide them with the required nutrients for their growth and development. These nutrients include energy, protein, amino acids, minerals, vitamins, and water.

To ensure a balanced feed for your broilers, you should use high-quality feed that is formulated for broiler production. You should also follow the feeding program recommended by the feed manufacturer or your nutritionist. The feeding program should match the nutritional needs of your broilers at different stages of their growth cycle.

Additional tip:

Target an impressive 7-day weight

One of the indicators of broiler growth performance is the 7-day weight. This is the weight of the broilers at seven days of age. The 7-day weight reflects the early growth potential of the broilers and their ability to cope with stress and disease challenges. A higher 7-day weight means a faster and more efficient growth rate throughout the production cycle.

The 7-day broiler weight is a measure of the growth and development of broiler chickens in the first week of life. It is influenced by factors such as chick quality, pre-placement management, brooding environment and management, feed and water intake and health status. Achieving a good 7-day weight is important for optimal performance and profitability of broiler production. The birds are supposed to increase live weight 4.25 times during the first 7 days, from approx. 40g to 180g or more.

To target an impressive 7-day weight for your broilers, you should follow the tips mentioned above on how to feed them properly. You should also provide them with optimal environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, ventilation, lighting and litter quality. You should also practice good biosecurity measures such as vaccination, sanitation, disinfection and quarantine to reduce the risk of diseases and infections that can impair their growth.

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