Best Rabbit Breeds and Facts About Rabbit Reproduction

When it comes to rabbit production, the New Zealand White and the Californian breeds are the breeds to choose from when rabbit farming because...

How to Start Bee Keeping in Tropical Areas

This post is meant to be a guide for self-teaching beekeeping with minimum and step-wise investments. Introduction Beekeeping can be practiced in all vegetational zones, like...

Pictures of Locally-Made Grasscutter Cages

The following are pictures of cane-rat grasscutter cages and houses.
feed formula for grasscutter

Feed Formula for Grasscutter (Cane Rat)

If you want to compound good feed for your grasscutters, you can use the following feed formulae.For young grasscutters, use this feed formula.For growers...

Cute Guinea Pig Pictures

I love guinea pigs. You love guinea pigs. We love guinea pigs. Take a look at the following guinea pig pictures.

Some Facts about Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs are among the friendliest pets, and guinea pig care is not difficult to learn. A guinea pig is often a good first...

How to Buy the Right Rabbit Cage

If you are looking for how to buy the right cage for your rabbit, you are on the right page. Even though some people...

Tips to Prevent Coccidiosis and Colibacillosis in Rabbits

Rabbits or bunnies are fragile and suffer from diseases. Coccidiosis is a dangerous, contagious disease of rabbits. Colibacillosis is even more dangerous. The signs...

How to Build a Local Rabbit Cage or Hutch

Rabbits are good to eat and to sell. Rabbits can be sold to earn money. A family that raises rabbits can always kill one...

All About Guinea Pig Hutch

Guinea pig hutches can be anything from a small guinea pig cage to a large, multi-room wooden guinea pig mansion. Some people use the...