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Is it not good to have a WhatsApp or Telegram Group? A platform where you and I can learn from one another as livestock farmers. I have been thinking about creating a platform where like-minded farmers and individuals relate with one another and where they can ask questions and be asked questions. We can use this forum to share ideas and help others with little or no experience.

My desire is to make this group a High Quality (HQ) community, where all community members communicate as if they live together in a real community. No abuses, insults or attacks on one’s personality. This means there will be rules that must be adhered to, to remain a member of the group. This would make the group HQ and an organized online livestock farmers group.

We are doing our best to get like-minded people together so as to build a community of great livestock farmers. We have recently created a WhatsApp and Telegram group for fast and easy communication among members.

Livestock Farmers Group is the best poultry WhatsApp group and Telegram group including the following areas

  • Aquaculture
  • Cattle
  • Goat
  • Sheep
  • Pig/Swine
  • Micro-livestock (cane-rat, rabbits, snail etc.)
  • General discussions
  • Advertisement and job offers

Due to the limitations with WhatsApp Group, we have moved to Telegram, a better platform that accommodates more people.

If you have Telegram App on your Mobile phone, Click this link to join–q_8zNzZk

If you don’t have the App, download it here

See you at the other end.

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Akinbobola A.

I'm a livestock farmer, certified animal scientist and agro consultant. You can follow Livestocking on Facebook and Twitter. Click here to send me an email
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79 thoughts on “Join Livestocking WhatsApp & Telegram Group for Farmers”

  1. I will like to join farmers group and will appreciate if my details can be added to the group WhatsApp. Thanks

  2. Hey Akinbobola,

    I must say a big thank you for the great job you are doing here.

    Please where can I get Large white, During, Kandace and Poland China piglets to buy?

  3. Hi Akinbobola A.,
    I am a Kenyan living in Nairobi and interested in Heliculture but unable to get the WhatsApp link. Kindly add me +254733540778

  4. I will want to know where I can buy
    breed of Large white, Landrace Ans durock. around Edo and Delta state. this is my contact: 07068221391

    • I am mosotho woman aged 48, I’m a potential that need to know on farming sharing views as well.
      I am a new farmer with pigs, especially Camborough pigs.

      this is my contacts number for whatsapp:- +266 – 69295522, please add me on your whatsapp group

  5. I appreciate your, work and being part of it,is synergy which is also very important to my job as an agricultural extensionist and a logistics provider for rural farmers in a shop integrated with crop and livestock input. suggestions that will help me succeed are also welcomed

  6. Thanks for the info. Please where can I get point of mating grasscutters or gregnant grasscutter to buy. I live in Mowe, Ogun State.

  7. this is my whatsapp number :09069655573, i wanna learn more about heliculture(snail farming )pls can you add me to your whatsapp group.
    i will be very greatfull if you do so..

  8. Good morning sir. What an informative site. Please I would like to join the whatsapp group chat. Or better still, add me with 08026561387. Thanks.

  9. My birds have this disease I don’t know the name. One side of the eye swells then closed, can I administer bitter leaf to their water. Almost all of them are affected

    • Hi there I’m from Capetown western cape this is my wattsapp contact 0817941263 please add me to yoyr krulouer chicken group I am very much interested in perchursing some chicks specially the cockrils

  10. Please add me to your WhatsApp group. My number is 07013163580.
    Do you recommend organic farming. If so can I give garlic, Ginger, scent leave, bitter leave along with the synthetic multivitamins.


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