how to reduce cost of feeding in pig farming

How To Reduce Feed Costs In Pig Production

One important thing that a reasonable and profit-minded farmer must do is finding means of reducing production cost to increase profit. In livestock farming,...
4 best animals for livestock farming business

4 Animals You Should Consider For Livestock Farming Business

Over the years, livestock farming has received much attention, and it is now considered important since it is the only aspect of agriculture that...

making money from poultry

Making Money From Poultry: Exploiting Its Potentials

After beef, the meat consumed during parties, ceremonies and festive periods in Nigeria is poultry meat. Although cattle meat and poultry meat are on...

How to Effectively Hire your Livestock Farm Workers

No matter how interesting or enjoyable farm activities are to a farmer, he/she cannot perform all these activities alone. He/she cannot feed the animals,...
disinfection of egg trays

Decontamination Of Livestock Housing And Equipment

Decontamination is the process of physically removing inorganic and biological material from the surfaces of an equipment or building. Disinfection is the destruction of...
chicks feeding on feed trays and water

Water And Its Importance To Livestock

Can a man do without water? Is there anyone that can do without taking water for one week? If there is one, then his...

pullets in brooder house

Brooding in Poultry Production

What is Brooding in Poultry Production? Brooding is defined as the management of chicks from one day old to about 8 weeks of age, and...
feeding of chicks

Principle Of Livestock Feeding And Nutrition

Feed is important to livestock. However, it is not the feed that is most important to animals, but the overall nutritional composition of the...
a pastureland for grazing

How To Feed Ruminant Animals Cheaply And Efficiently

One thing about any business is minimizing cost to maximize profit. Am I right? No serious businessowner will be interested in putting a lot...

Names of Sexes, Young and Act of Giving Birth of Livestock Species

The names of sexes, young and act of giving birth of livestock species are stated on the table below:


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