fowl pox in chicken

Fowl Pox In Chickens And Turkeys

Fowl pox is a poultry disease caused by a virus. This viral disease affects the skin of chickens and turkeys, especially areas that have no feathers. Signs of Fowl Pox There are some visible things you...
pecking and cannibalism in poultry

How To Prevent Pecking And Cannibalism In A Poultry Farm

One thing is very natural about chickens and that is, they love to peck virtually everything they see. But one unfortunate thing about this behaviour is that, they peck each other too. In fact,...
laying chickens

How to improve the egg-laying performance of layers or laying chickens

Depending on the breed, a pullet would have to be about 4-5 months old from the day it hatches before it starts laying eggs. A farmer must be well-prepared to meet the costs of...
how to castrate piglets

Castration of Farm Animals

Castration is a very vital management practice in animal husbandry. It enables livestock farmers to easily manage breeding in the farms. What is Castration? Castration is defined as the destruction or removal of the testes, epididymis,...
pig odour

7 Ways To Reduce Odours On Pig Farms

In Nigeria, India, china, and some other parts of the world, the pervasive challenge linked with raising pigs (hogs) is keeping the odours from getting worse or probably eliminating them. Most of the questions associated...
farm animals

Why You Should Invest In Livestock Farming Enterprise

Many people want to invest their money into agribusiness, but one major challenge they face is choosing what aspect of agriculture they need to invest in. My recommendation for such people is to invest...
vaccination of chicks

Health Management And Biosecurity Measures In Poultry Production

Health management and biosecurity are very important in livestock production. Both need to be carried out to prevent unnecessary mortality, revenue loss due to mortality, raising unwholesome animals for man consumption. The success of any...
cow on heat

How To Detect Heat Or Oestrus In Farm Animals

Generally in the animal kingdom, except in higher primates like apes, bamboos, etc., female animals have a particular period they allow a male to mate them. This period is known as 'heat period' or...
catfishes in concrete pod

Causes Of Low Profit Or High Loss In Catfish Farming

The objective of every business enterprise is to make profit. However, when profit is not forthcoming, then it’s either the business folds up or run into debt. Likewise, when you start a commercial farm...
animal health practitioners

Health Management in Livestock Production

Good animal husbandry starts with proper health care and management. Livestock production is greatly affected by diseases. Having a knowledge of these diseases is important in planning and organizing effective animal health-care programmes. So,...