farm thief

How to Manage Pilfering on a Farm

Agriculture they say rules the world, and farmers are never failures but nations' feeder. However, with the hard work and financial resources gathered together...
farmers on the field

Is Farming a Career of Failures or the Successful?

When some people fail either in school or life, they are usually told to go and start farming because they have failed. Does it...

marketing chickens

How to Reduce the Mortality Rate in Chickens While Marketing

When your birds are getting to a marketable age, there is need to plan how they will be taken to the market and sell...
a pastureland for grazing

Recommended and Nutritious Forage Grasses and Legumes for Ruminants

My previous post on how to efficiently feed ruminants at a lower cost suggested the establishment of pastures. I further explained that it is...
brooder house

How To Brood Chicks And Turkey Poults

What is Brooding in Poultry Production? Brooding is the care chicks and poults from one day old to six weeks of age. It consists primarily...
help for unemployed and intending farmers

Unemployed and You Need Help? Agriculture wants to Employ You

Anybody that says agriculture is not productive or cannot make you successful is a big liar. Do you know the reason why I said...

pig pen house

Building A Pig House: Siting And Preliminary Considerations

Housing which is usually the open-sided type in the intensive system of pig production is more sophisticated and capital intensive. The house will generally...
farm animals

Reasons for Keeping or Raising Animals

Livestock animals are of great importance to the welfare of man all over the globe. They are raised and kept on for various reasons....
fowl pox in chicken

Fowl Pox in Chickens and Turkeys

Fowl pox is a highly infectious poultry disease affecting the skin of chickens and turkeys. Chickens and other fowl are affected with pox but...
pecking and cannibalism in poultry

How to Prevent Pecking and Cannibalism in Poultry

One thing is very natural about chickens and that is, they love to peck virtually everything they see. But one unfortunate thing about this...