vaccination of chicks

Health Management And Biosecurity Measures In Poultry Production

Health management and biosecurity are very important in livestock production. Both need to be carried out to prevent unnecessary mortality, revenue loss due to...
cow on heat

How To Detect Heat Or Oestrus In Farm Animals

Generally in the animal kingdom, except in higher primates like apes, bamboos, etc., female animals have a particular period they allow a male to...

catfishes in concrete pod

Causes Of Low Profit Or High Loss In Catfish Farming

The objective of every business enterprise is to make profit. However, when profit is not forthcoming, then it’s either the business folds up or...
animal health practitioners

Health Management in Livestock Production

Good animal husbandry starts with proper health care and management. Livestock production is greatly affected by diseases. Having a knowledge of these diseases is...
woman on debeaking machine

How To Debeak Chickens

What is Debeaking or Beak Trimming? Beak trimming in poultry management is the act of reducing the length of the beak of poultry birds. The...
sizes of eggs

Factors Affecting Egg Size Of Poultry Birds

Egg size is very important to poultry farmers because, the bigger the eggs, the higher the monetary value. Though it is not possible for...

battery cage chickens

Egg Production Cycle Of Laying Chickens

A laying hen will produce eggs for a number of years, but it is only economical to keep the layers for 18 month. Egg production...
a pregnant sheep

How To Detect Pregnancy In Farm Animals

What is Pregnancy? Pregnancy, also known as gestation is the state where a female animal has young(s) developing in her uterus. The period of pregnancy...
White fulani cattle

Facts About Cattle Farming

What is Cattle Production? Cattle production involves keeping bulls and cows for meat (beef) or milk (dairy) purpose. Cattle feed on grasses, legumes, roughage etc....