ram business in nigeria

How to Start a Profitable Ram Selling Business

I have received so many calls and emails from people interested in a ram selling business. The reason why the interest in this business...

Pregnancy and Gestation Periods of Various Farm Animals

Pregnancy, also known as gestation, is the condition where a female animal have young, developing in her uterus. The period of pregnancy also known...

bird flu

Avian Influenza (Bird Flu) In Poultry Production

What is Avian influenza (Bird Flu)? Avian influenza, also known as Bird Flu, is a viral poultry disease caused by Diverse Type-A orthomyxoviruses which are...
Large white pigs

Facts about Pig Farming Business

What is Pig Farming? Pig production involves the raising and management of pigs mainly for meat (Pork). This aspect of livestock farming has gained a...
laying chickens

Facts about Poultry Farming

Some years ago, a friend of mine sadly said "I dabbled into poultry farming without getting the basic facts about poultry farming. I only...

Signs of Good Health & Ill Health in Farm Animals

There a number of signs that one would see to determine if an animal is healthy, sick or suffering from certain ailments. A good...

a cartoonized picture of a farm

12 tips to increase productivity on your livestock farm

There are many things you have to put in place in order to achieve the highest productivity you desire for your agribusiness. If you...
farm thief

How to Manage Pilfering on a Farm

Agriculture they say rules the world, and farmers are never failures but nations' feeder. However, with the hard work and financial resources gathered together...
marketing chickens

How to Reduce the Mortality Rate in Chickens While Marketing

When your birds are getting to a marketable age, there is need to plan how they will be taken to the market and sell...
a pastureland for grazing

Recommended and Nutritious Forage Grasses and Legumes for Ruminants

My previous post on how to efficiently feed ruminants at a lower cost suggested the establishment of pastures. I further explained that it is...


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