Broiler Finisher Feed Formula

Broiler finisher feed is the feed or diet that is specifically formulated and given to broiler chickens in the final stage or phase of their growth, typically when they are about 4 weeks old. Broiler finisher helps the broilers to reach their target market weight more quickly, and it can also improve their overall health and strength to hold their rapidly increasing body weight.

Broilers require a high-quality finisher diet for quick meat and weight development as well as healthy, profitable chickens to prepare them for slaughter. An excellent broiler finisher feed should provide the required dietary energy and protein needs of the young broiler until it reaches the target market weight. The metabolizable energy (ME) of broiler finisher feed should be 3100-3200 kcal/kg and the crude protein (CP) should be (18-19%).

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When preparing broiler finisher mash or pellets for broiler chickens, it’s essential to consider their nutritional requirements and the quality of the feed ingredients. You should also think about the nutritional composition of the feed ingredients you’re using.

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While chicken feed formulation is not an easy process, using a tested and well-tested broiler finisher formula to prepare feed for broilers can make the process easier. If you need a broiler finisher feed formula sample to produce finisher feed for your broiler chickens, use the one below:

IngredientQuantity (kg/100kg)
Soya Meal18.55
Groundnut Cake7
Brewer’s Dried Grain5
Bone Meal2
Oyster shell0.5
Broiler Premix0.25
Total100 kg

Disclaimer: Livestocking Blog or its authors are not responsible for any damage, loss or negative effect of using the above formula on your birds or animals.

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