Grower Feed Formula & Nutritional Composition

What is Grower Feed?

Grower feed is the type of feed given to laying chickens from when they are 8 weeks old until they are ready to start producing and laying eggs (usually between age 18 weeks and 22 weeks. Once the young chicks are 8 weeks old, you will have to switch their diet to grower feed.

As its name implies, the grower feed will stimulate the growth of your birds in a healthy way. It is specially formulated or made for pullets to prepare their body and reproductive organs for the egg-laying activities. It is the next feed given to young pullets after brooding.

Although, some poultry farmers give grower feed to cockerels, broilers, turkeys, ducks and rabbits. Yes, there is no harm in serving the feed to them, but it is important to ensure that the nutritional requirements of these animals are met. As soon as the young pullets start laying eggs, you should prepare to switch to the layer feed.

poultry growers mash feed

The Nutritional Composition of Grower’s Feed

A typical grower feed should contain the following:

Nutrient Amount Required
Metabolizable Energy (ME) 2800 kcal/kg (min)
Crude Protein (CP) 18.00% (min)
Crude Fat 5.00% (max)
Crude Fibre (CF) 8.00% (max)
Calcium 1.00% (min)
Phosphorus, available 0.40% (min)
Lysine 1.00% (min)
Methionine 0.45% (min)
Methionine + Cystine 0.80% (min)
Threonine 0.60% (min)
Tryptophan 0.20% (min)

Grower Feed Formula Example

If you need a grower feed formula example to produce your own grower feed, find a sample below:

IngredientQuantity (kg/100kg)
Soya Meal7.5
Wheat Offal12
Bone Meal2.5
Palm Kernel Cake12
Groundnut Cake15
Toxin Binder0.15
Super Liv0.05
Total100 kg

Disclaimer: Livestocking is not responsible for any damage, loss or negative effect of using the above formula on your birds.

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