Special Feed Formula for Optimal Chicks, Growers & Layers Performance

For many years that I have been a consultant to individuals and farms, the most asked question by my clients is: “What can I do to make my birds grow fast or lay well?” Well, there is no gimmick to achieving this, except they consume the right feed containing the required nutrients. However, while there are good and bad livestock feed milling companies, the problems have always been chickens performing below par and the high cost of procuring ready-made feeds.

Studies by researchers in the field have revealed that some of the ready-made feeds in Nigeria are low-quality in terms of ingredients used and nutritional composition. Hence, the reason why poultry chickens are performing poorly.

I had personally tried several popular commercial feeds but sincerely, I was not satisfied with the result or performance. So I took it upon myself to formulate feeds that will give me the results I want for broilers, cockerels and layers. After coming up with several formulas, I was able to get these ones that gave me superb results. Click here to read about my superb broiler feed formulas for faster weight and growth.

This is a product of my vast experiences in poultry farming and nutrition, and it is something you need to use if you want your layer chickens or cockerels to perform optimally and maximally, and at a cheaper cost. The feed formulas in this product have been used for commercial production. The formulae are categorized into three:

  1. Chick feed formula: Should be given to chickens from one day old to 8 weeks of age.
  2. Grower feed formula: Should be given to the birds from 8 weeks of age to 18 weeks of age (or when production is around 10%)
  3. Layer feed formula: Should be given from 18 weeks of age to when the laying chickens reach very old age.

These feed formulas will ease your chickens’ journey and performance from their day 1 through to their laying period. All things being equal, with these formulas, it is 95% GUARANTEED that your birds will achieve good weight faster and will start dropping around 18 weeks of age and peak at the 28th weeks of age.

The nutritional composition of each feed in this document are presented as follows:

Chick Feed

  • Metabolizable Energy = 2804.81 kcal/kg
  • Crude Protein = 20.17%
  • Crude Fiber = 4.00%
  • Calcium = 1.66%
  • Crude Fat = 4.35%
  • Ash = 2.39%
  • Phosphorus, Available = 0.46%
  • Tryptophan = 0.20%
  • Lysine = 0.83%
  • Methionine = 0.40%
  • Cystine = 0.31%

Grower Feed

  • Metabolizable Energy = 2610.48 Kcal/Kg
  • Crude Protein = 16.03%
  • Crude Fiber = 7.63%
  • Crude Fat = 4.85%
  • Ash = 2.77%
  • Phosphorus, available = 0.72%
  • Calcium = 1.51%
  • Tryptophan = 0.13%
  • Lysine = 0.92%
  • Methionine = 0.44%
  • Cystine = 0.15%

Layer Feed

  • Metabolizable Energy = 2631.56 Kcal/Kg
  • Crude Protein = 15.95%
  • Crude Fiber = 5.08%
  • Fat = 3.62%
  • Ash = 1.91%
  • Phosphorus, available = 0.64%
  • Calcium = 3.64%
  • Tryptophan = 0.17%
  • Lysine = 0.77%
  • Methionine = 0.37%
  • Cystine = 0.27%

Why is using these feed formulas better than buying the ready-made commercial feeds? (The advantages)

  1. They were made and used by an experienced poultry nutritionist and farmer
  2. The ingredients are locally available, making them very easy to source or purchase.
  3. The ingredients are cheap
  4. The ingredients are in the appropriate ratios and they are formulated to meet the nutritional requirements of chickens at each stage of growth or production
  5. Confidence and rest of mind knowing what exactly your chickens are eating
  6. Improved feed conversion to add more weight and better egg laying performance
  7. Adjustable or correctable at any time
  8. In a situation where an ingredient is not available, it is possible to get a substitute(s)

While this product is sold together (chick, grower and layer), you can buy each separately. The prices are as follow:

  • Chick feed= ₦5,000
  • Grower Feed = ₦7000
  • Layer Feed = ₦13,000
  • Combo (chick, grower and layer) = ₦20,000

If you have a special requirement, kindly contact me to get the details of what you want.

How to buy or order

For Nigerians: Get it on Livestocking Shop or Send your payment to the bank account below:

Bank Name: Sterling Bank
Account No:
Account Name: Livestocking FLW

Kindly send your teller/transaction number and name to info[at]livestocking.net after making payment. After confirming your payment, a doc file will be sent to your email.

**If you want to pay through PayPal, kindly send an email to info[at]livestocking.net

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  1. Am in Cameroon and need your formulas.I don’t have credit card to pay online.What should I do to get these formulas.Am a farmer.I need your contact if you wouldn’t mind.My number is:+237677684215 Bamenda Cameroon .Thanks.

  2. Am Taiwo olugbenga from ogbomoso Oyo state pls I need your formula for the 3 phases of pullet I mean chick,grower and layer am expecting my doc to arrive next week

    • As mentioned in the post, the price is #20,000 for the three formulas. The bank account to pay to is also in the post.

  3. Hello sir, is there any arrangement where you can train farmers on how to mix these items? How much will it cost? Thank you.

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      I didn’t get 1kg in 4weeks old broilers

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