Nutritional Requirements of Chicks, Pullets & Layers

Nutrition is an important part of poultry farming because the performances of chickens and other poultry birds depend majorly on their nutrition. One mistake some layers farmers make is giving less focus on what their laying hens consume. Each class of birds has its own specific nutritional requirements, and these requirements are always considered when formulating feed for chickens. Anything lower or higher would affect the performance of the chickens. That is why it is important to know the nutritional requirements of chicks and layers. When you have an idea of what your chickens need, feed analysis and formulation would be carried out efficiently.

Nutritional requirements of Chicks (Chick Mash)
Metabolizable Energy (ME)—2800-3000 Kcal/kg
Crude Protein (CP)—18-21%
Crude Fiber (CF)—8%
Methionine—0.40% min.
Lysine—1% min.

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Nutritional requirements of Pullets (Grower Mash)
Metabolizable Energy (ME)—2700-3000 Kcal/kg
Crude Protein (CP)—16-19%
Crude Fiber (CF)—10%
Methionine—0.35% min.
Lysine—0.75% min.

Nutritional requirements of Laying Hen (Layer Mash)
Metabolizable Energy (ME)—2700-3000 Kcal/kg
Crude Protein (CP)—15-19%
Crude Fiber (CF)—10%
Methionine—0.40% min.
Lysine—0.70% min.

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