The Breeds of Pigs

There are over 180 breeds of pigs recognized across the world. However, breeders opined that there are still many unrecognized pig breeds distributed in various locations around the globe. Each pig breed has its distinctive or specific features or characteristics and these differentiate it from other breeds.

Types of Pigs

There are three basic types of pigs. They are:

  1. Lard pigs e.g. Poland China
  2. Bacon pigs e.g. Landrace
  3. Meat (pork) pigs e.g. Duroc

Before we proceed to the list of pig breeds, it is vital to mention that there are also local pig breeds and exotic pig breeds.

Local pig breeds are pigs that since time immemorial have been developing due to the influence of the environment in which they live. Due to their perfect adaptation to the environment, it is not considered necessary to improve them. An example of local pig breeds is the black Iberian pig,

Exotic pig breeds are breeds that humans have been creating from existing breeds, using convenient variations or mutations and the influence of food and other races, to develop outcrosses that are considered convenient. Examples of exotic pig breeds include the Large White, Berkshire, Poland China and Tamworth. These breeds, if well fed and properly housed and managed, are perfect for achieving high economic yield.

Breeds of Pigs

Large White

The most raised pig breed. A white pig breed that excellently converts feed into meat. It is used both for meat and breeding purposes.

large white pig breed
Large White Pig


White breed, elongated and lean conformation with hanging ears and short legs. It’s very docile. Sows of this breed are excellent mothers. It is a very prolific breed and an excellent milk producer. It has a good feed conversion rate.

landrace pig breed
Landrace Pig


Resistant, rustic and adaptable breed. It is native to the United States. Reddish in color. Their ears are medium-sized, erect with a slight tilt forward. It’s a meat pig type but it has good prolificacy and mothering ability.

duroc pig breed
Duroc Pig


It is a not very prolific breed and has low growth, but produces very tasty lean meat and gives good hams.

Pietrain Pig
Pietrain Pig


It has black fur with some white or white mottled spots. It is very precocious but has low prolificacy. It produces meat of excellent quality.

Berkshire Pig
Berkshire Pig


A rustic pig and very similar to duroc from the productive characteristics angle. It is also leaner.

Hampshire Pig
Hampshire Pig

Vietnamese Pot-bellied

It is being raised as a pet pig. That is why they are now found in many American homes and have also been introduced to Europe.

Vietnamese Pot-bellied Pig
Vietnamese Pot-bellied Pig

Other breeds of pigs are as follows:

Red Wattle Wuzhishan Bulgarian White
Mukota Lithuanian Native Middle White
Mora Romagnola Saddleback Italian Landrace
Poland China German Landrace Belarus Black Pied
Large White Tamworth Czech Improved White
Ossabaw Island Belgian Landrace American Yorkshire
Spotted Iberian Large Black-white
Lacombe Hereford Ba Xuyen
Thuoc Nhieu Beijing Black Choctaw Hog
Norwegian Landrace Large Black Hampshire
French Landrace Fengjing British Lop
Swallow Belied Mangalitza Guinea Hog Vietnamese Potbelly
Cantonese Pig Mong Cai Berkshire
Mulefoot Meishan Kunekune
Krskopolje Jinhua Pietrain
Minzhu American Landrace Dutch Landrace
Mangalitza Hezuo Ningxiang
Gloucestershire Old Spots Duroc Kele
British Landrace Danish Landrace Tibetan
Bantu Turopolje Arapawa Island
Philippine Native Neijiang Yorkshire
Chester White Oxford Sandy and Black Finnish Landrace
Welsh Swedish Landrace Angeln saddleback

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