10 Facts about Pigs and Pig Farming

What is Pig Farming?

Pig production involves the raising and management of pigs mainly for meat (pork). This aspect of livestock farming has gained top recognition in most parts of the world, except in Arabic or Islamic countries due to religious taboos.

Pig farming is one of the most lucrative livestock businesses in the world. It is a profitable business because the cost of production is low compared to other major livestock farming businesses.

facts about pigs and pig farming
Pigs in a pen

Wherever pig farming is being discussed, what comes to most people’s minds is ‘pigs are dirty animals.’ This is a common mentality, but anywhere I’m opportune to orientate people about pigs, I always tell them that pigs are one of the neatest and most decent animals in the world. In a standard pig farm, with all necessary facilities in place, observe the pigs available there and prove me wrong.

Now the main reason for this article is that I want my people to know some facts and tips about the pig farming business. Yes, I will recommend the business to anyone and everyone because pigs are easy to manage, requires less capital to start up, and are prolific in giving birth to offspring. I raised pigs and I earned good money from it.

10 Awesome Facts About Pigs

  1. Pigs are polyester animals. This guarantees the farrowing of many piglets per sow per year, and it is reflected in turn in the increase in individual production.
  2. It is estimated that a female pig can produce 2500 kg of pork per year under proper management.
  3. Pigs have the ability to consume, digest and use almost any type of food, either balanced (specialized) food, kitchen waste or industrial waste.
  4. They have the highest feed conversion rate (4 kg of feed to 1 kg of live weight).
  5. Currently, it is calculated that the pig has a yield of 65% to 75% of meat in relation to live weight, that is to say, that it presents an excellent performance in carcass compared to other animals.
  6. Newborn piglets learn to respond to their mothers’ voices and can recognize their own names when they are 2 weeks old.
  7. Adult pigs can run at speeds of more than 17 kilometers per hour, or in other words, they can run one and a half kilometers in seven minutes.
  8. Pigs have almost no sweat glands, so one of the best ways for them to cool off is to wallow in the glorious mud or water.
  9. Pigs are constantly communicating with each other, and over 20 different vocalizations have been identified.
  10. Pigs are very intelligent and very social animals. When kept in a group they will snuggle close to each other, preferring to sleep nose to nose. Studies have also shown that they dream, just like humans.

Facts about Pig Farming Business

The following are some facts about pigs and pig farming business:

  • It requires low to medium capital to start.
  • The degree of profit depends on production management.
  • They can eat anything e.g. kitchen wastes, farm crop residues, etc., but most of these junks make them develop more body fat and less edible meat. It is important to know the nutritional requirements of pigs.
  • Good and nutrient-rich feeds need to be given to them, especially at a younger age.
  • Good breeding practice brings out good results.
  • Pure foundation stock can be used for a longer time and even can be used for rapid expansion.
  • They perform well under good housing management.
  • They are to be given enough water to drink and wallow; because of their sensitivity to heat and lack of sweat glands to cool-off body heat.
  • Faeces and effluent disposal problems will be encountered.
  • Advisably, different breeds of pigs should be started with.

When planning to establish a livestock farm, please give swine/pig farming a top consideration.

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  1. Raising pigs can be an adventure. Watching them interact and do their pig stuff is quite a riot. P.S. I found a really neat new website that helps local farmers and homesteaders sell their products to the community. Anyone heard of FIFY? (Farm It For You)


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