Large White Pig: Facts & Characteristics

History of Large White Pigs

A Large White pig (also called Yorkshire) is an exotic breed of pig that has its origin in Yorkshire in England. It is also called English Large White or Yorkshire. The Large White breed of Great Britain is known in Canada and the United States as the Large Yorkshire, or Improved Large Yorkshire.

Large White pigs occupy a prominent place in Great Britain, where they are regarded as the leading bacon-producing breed. In Canada, they are more numerous than any other breed, and they are being imported into the United States in large numbers.

I love this particular pig breed because of a few things listed below. In fact, it has always been the first of all recommended exotic pig breeds for commercial pig farming. When I’m asked what is the best pig breed for commercial pig farming? My answer is: The best breed of pig for commercial pig farming is Large White or English Large White. This is because of its characteristics.

General Characteristics of a Large White Pig

  • A large white pig has a moderately long head, have a slightly dished face and a broad snout.
  • Its neck is fine, long and evenly full to shoulders with deep and wide chests.
  • Additionally, they have long, level and wide back.
  • Mature boars have weights between 300 kg and 450 kg and mature sow weighs between 250 kg and 350 kg.
  • Large White pigs possess good carcass quality.
  • The coat or skin color is entirely white.
  • The breed is highly prolific and an efficient feed converter.

Physical Features of a Large White Pig

  • It is white (with black patches) and has a head of medium length, relatively wide and markedly concave, a little long snout and a raised, jaw without wrinkles and small eyes.
  • The ears are medium and remain erect, but with a slight forward inclination without hindering the pig’s vision.
  • It is a breed of muscular conformation. The neck is proportionally full and elongated with little pronounced back, well inclined at the level of the upper line and the sides.
  • It possesses well-developed legs and is energetic in movements. The legs are straight, with strong joints and medium hooves that support the animal well.
Large White Pig

Production Characteristics of Large a White Pig

  • This pig breed is well known as the most prolific breed of pigs in the world with very great mothering abilities. It is also an active and excellent utilizer of forages.
  • This breed is highly appreciated for its maternal qualities; that is why the large white sow is preferred when crossbreeding. It is considered the best improved pig breed due to its tenacity, maternal, dairy and productive characteristics.
  • It is also found, along with the Duroc pig breed, among those that demonstrate high growth and feed conversion rates.

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