Pullet vs Cockerel – Definition & Which is the Best?

Have you seen a pullet vs cockerel fight before? Who won the match? I have seen a few of the fights and the cockerel always wins.

The purpose of this article is not to talk about chicken fights or anything related. It is primarily to help those that are confused about which to raise and the most profitable between pullet and cockerel.

Pullet Definition

A pullet is a young female chicken that is not sexually mature and less than 4 months old. In other words, pullets are not sexually fit to produce or lay eggs.

Cockerel Definition

A cockerel is a young male chicken. It is a young rooster or cock. Cockerels are not sexually fit to start producing sperm.

Which is the Best to Raise between Pullets and Cockerels?

Raising both pullets and cockerels is a good thing to do. In fact, both have their individual advantages and pitfalls. However, when it comes to the business side, which is the most profitable to do?

Pullets are young hens that are preparing to produce and lay eggs very soon. Unlike cockerels, pullets are potential egg producers and you can generate revenue just by selling eggs being laid by them. Don’t forget that hens don’t need a cock to produce eggs—but won’t be fertilized or hatchable. Additionally, when pullets attain the laying age and stage, they can produce eggs for up to two years.

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Even if you plan to have self-produced chicks, it is possible through pullets and a few cockerels. But you could inseminate the hens without having to raise the male along with them.

Did you know why chick hatcheries sell cockerels chicks cheaper than pullet chicks? Cockerels are less valuable than pullets. People want the pullets more than the cockerels. So you’re only literally doing them a favor by buying the cockerel chicks else the chicks would be killed and crushed.

Raising cockerels for meat purposes is not a profitable venture as you will need to wait for at least 6 months before they attain a reasonable market size. Besides, a lot of people (including myself) don’t like or eat their meat because of the poor taste. Perhaps, this is why the market value and preference for cocks are low.

In closing, I would like to say that pullets should be your choice when it comes to choosing between pullet and cockerel. As I mentioned earlier, you can keep both if you have the resources and space. However, if you want to keep one and want to earn more, your best choice should be pullets.

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