How to Sell Eggs, Chickens & Other Products Quickly

No doubt, every poultry farmer wants to sell his or her eggs, chickens or other farm products faster without reducing profits. It is rather unfortunate that a lot of farmers find it challenging to sell farm products quickly. The reason for this might not be attributable to low demand but could be as a result of poor or no marketing strategies in place.

Focusing on other aspects of your poultry business without giving the sales and marketing part the required attention could put your business and profits in serious jeopardy. After all, your goal is to make sales and profit. So, while concentration on the operational parts of your poultry business, endeavor to work on the sales and marketing part of the business. When you make quick sales by selling your eggs or chickens quickly, you will be happy and encouraged to give your best to the operational or production part.

This article will briefly describe nine (9) strategies or ways you could apply to sell your farm products such as eggs or chickens faster than before. It is not compulsory to use all but apply the ones that seem convenient for you.

1. Sell directly to the final consumer or retailers

Some poultry farmers are in the habit of selling their poultry products in bulk to the middlemen. That is good but sometimes, it could affect the speed of your sales. There is nothing wrong with selling to the final consumers or retailers. As a farmer, I sell my products to both the middlemen and the final consumers. This is easier if you have your own store where retailers or final consumers can easily walk in and buy your eggs or chickens. However, adhere strictly to selling in crates and not in pieces.

2. Market your business on the Internet

It is quite surprising that a lot of farmers and farm owners don’t know how the Internet would help their business if they adopt the idea of selling or marketing their business online. If you don’t take your business online in this current digital age, then you are losing big. Why? Many people who need your products are surfing the internet, looking for recommendations and where to get these products. Don’t be surprised that many farms now have websites, social media accounts and some engage in social marketing.

Did you know that you can help your poultry business through your social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram? Facebook, Twitter and Instagram allow you to network yourself with people who are important to your business. These platforms allow you to post eye-catchy pictures or images with captions. You can take advantage of this by posting attractive pictures of your eggs or big chickens with a nice, captivating caption with your store address. The picture would definitely be shared, liked and comments would roll in, hence, increasing your audience and of course, increase sales.

It is important to create a website for your poultry farm business irrespective of your production scale. When you have a website, your business would be discovered online by buyers and they will definitely contact you.

3. Supply Restaurants, Grocery, and Hotels

You can also supply chickens and eggs to restaurants, grocery and hotels. These establishments need a regular supply of poultry meat and eggs, and they wouldn’t hesitate to accept the super offer from a farm with a good reputation. You just prepare an excellent proposal with irresistible incentives that you would be offering such an establishment, and send the proposal to the manager. You should remember that you have competitors doing the same. Therefore, ensure that your incentives are really great and irresistible to win the heart of the management of the organization you’re sending your proposal to.

4. Recruit marketing personnel

This strategy is funny, right? Well, for your mind, it might be funny but it is effective. This tactic could boost your sales if it is done rightly. You only need to recruit committed marketers who would market your farm products while they earn a certain percentage as the commission on every sale made through them.

5. Feed your birds very well

Consumers or buyers are attracted to healthy, big poultry birds and eggs. Fortunately, it is when these birds are fed well that high quality could be achieved. Without proper feeding, your birds cannot produce quality meat or good eggs. So endeavor to take good care of your flock for better product yield.

6. Slaughter and process your products

It is good if you can slaughter and process your chickens or turkeys and sell to consumers. This is not difficult to do. You only need to process in a hygienic environment and ensure that you adhere to high standard sanitation and hygiene practices. Your packaging should be excellent to attract buyers.

7. Advertise your farm and products

Advertising your farm and products is one good way to create public awareness for your business. Your customer base and business visibility will increase. That is an automatic increase in revenue.

8. Conduct market research and survey

As a businessperson, you must conduct regular market research to identify the needs and preferences of your customers or prospects. Doing this would make it easy for you to know where your business needs to improve. When you are able to improve, you are able to have happy customers and more referrals.

9. Nice product packaging and incentives

Always package your products very well, and give incentives to your customers to increase their loyalty. Besides, when your products are nicely packaged, people would want to give high preference to your products.

These are the few strategies you can apply to boost the sales of your farm products such as eggs, mature birds, pigs and other farm products. I hope you apply them and share the results.

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