Kuroiler & Noiler Chickens: Facts, Features, Difference & Where to Buy

What is the Kuroiler Chicken Breed?

The Kuroiler chicken breed is a hybrid chicken produced after successfully crossing a male broiler with an exotic pullet. This particular breed of chicken is considered to be dual-purpose (egg and meat chicken breed).

Kuroilers are now becoming popular in Africa, as farmers in African countries such as Uganda, Kenya and Nigeria have started to raise them to produce eggs and meat. Kegg Farms in India was the first to develop this breed and Kuroiler was first established in Uganda. The great news is that farmers are happy and satisfied with the Kuroiler’s performances.

Kuroiler Chickens
Picture of Kuroiler Chickens

What is the Noiler Chicken Breed?

The Noiler is also a chicken breed similar to Kuroiler. This particular breed was developed in Nigeria by Amo Farm Sieberer Hatchery, popular known as Amo Hatchery. It is a dual-purpose chicken breed; that is, for meat and eggs, and it is becoming popular in Nigeria and the African poultry market just like Kuroiler. Amo Hatchery is the only company/hatchery producing Noiler chicks in Nigeria and the birds are commonly named Amo Noilers.

Noiler Chickens
Picture of Noiler Chickens

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Similar Features / Characteristics of Kuroiler & Noiler Chicken Breeds?

  • Most poultry farmers report that Kuroiler and Noiler chickens are easier to raise and manage
  • Both Kuroiler and Noiler have an excellent survival rate that matches up with that of local chickens
  • Both grow faster and have better egg-laying and meat production performance
  • Research findings have shown that Kuroilers and Noilers produce more meat and have a body weight that doubles that of a local chicken.
  • They are rugged and can adapt to harsh conditions like local chickens
  • Both the Kuroiler and Noiler chickens can scavenge for food and water just like indigenous or local chicken breeds do. So farmers may not need confining them in a place or manage them under an intensive system
  • They are not expensive i.e. they are affordable chicken breeds and cheaper to maintain
  • In terms of health, they have less susceptibility to diseases and with lower maintenance levels.
Kuroiler (Noiler) Chickens

Note: Just because these chickens are hardy and adaptable to harsh condition do not mean that they should be provided with a well-built pen for easy management. The poultry pen will protect them from predators and very harsh weather conditions such as high rainfall. It is also important that Kuroiler and Noiler chicken farmers vaccinate their birds at the right time and in the right dosage (Click here for Noiler Vaccination Schedule). Lastly, feeding them with good and nutritional feeds is highly necessary as it will help the chickens performed better than before.

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Differences Between Kuroiler and Noiler Chickens

  • Kuroiler eggs are bigger than Noiler’s eggs
  • Kuroiler lays around 150 eggs per annum while Noiler lays lesser
  • Kuroiler matures at 5 months while Noiler matures at 4 months
  • Kuroiler could weigh about 4 kg at maturity while Noiler weighs 3 kg at maturity.
  • Kuroiler is a native of India while Noiler is a native of Nigeria
  • Kuroilers convert feed better than Noilers
  • The meat of Kuroiler chickens contains more fat than the meat of Noiler chickens.

Where to Buy Noiler & Kuroiler Chicks Online in Nigeria?

It is easy to buy Noiler or Kuroiler chicks in Nigeria without leaving your room or office. The most trusted place where you can get Amo Noiler and Kuroiler chicks is Afrimash Marketplace. This is an online marketplace for farmers and I go there anytime I need to procure day old chicks, vaccines and chicken cages online. They deliver and provide quality. Click here to place an order for your Amo Noiler or Kuroiler chicks.

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  1. Kuroiler may be similar with Noiler, but not the same Sir.
    Noiler was developed in Nigeria by Amo while Kuroiler was developed in India and first established in Kenya.
    There parent are not same, and also their maturity period, as one is 4 months, the other is 5months.
    Kuroiler could weigh about 4kg after maturity while Noiler is 3kg.


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  3. Noiler is great for African people.its originated in nigeria.so noiler is very good breed.noiler makes africa to be proud.other breed called tiger sasso also very good.tiger sasso is very populer in bd.

    • Male chickens generally cannot produce or lay eggs. It is only matured female chickens (hens) that have the ability to produce and lay eggs. Layer mash is not the reason why chickens lay eggs. Egg production and laying are natural processes.

  4. Hello Mr Akinbalola, Thanks for your detailed write up. Please are Noilers a hybrid of Broilers and Exotics Pullets Or a hybrid of Broilers and Cockerels, kindly clarify.


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