12 Ways to Sell Chickens & Eggs Quickly

Poultry farming is becoming a very popular agricultural business. This is because people are gradually coming to realize that it is a viable business venture that can make them a lot of money provided the birds and eggs are sold at the right price.

If you are interested in venturing into this business, then the following are some of the top marketing ideas you can use to sell poultry birds and eggs fast.

1. Know and acquaint yourself with prospects

You must not raise chickens until you have surveyed and researched the market and know what they want as well as the quantity. Also, get the contact details of potential buyers and top buyers in your locality and ensure that you let them know you will be selling to them soon. If possible, ask them the quantities they would be able to buy from you and note them down.

2. Use offtakers or bulk buyers

This is one of the strategies of marketing poultry products. Offtakers are one of the people you could run to if you want to sell your eggs and chickens such as broilers or old layers (spent layers) quickly. Offtakers could serve as direct buyers or middlemen. What they do is buy eggs or birds in bulk or large quantities and pay you at once or after a few days. The reason some of them don’t pay you in full instantly is that some of them are either going to resell to the final consumers or chicken meat processors.

The advantage of offtakers is that they have the network and resources to buy all your eggs or chickens at once and they are also fast with it. Some of them will save you the stress of moving chickens or eggs from your farm to them.

The con with selling to chicken offtakers is that their buying rates are often low and they request longer credit periods like 14 business days. Some chicken offtakers or bulk buyers are fraudsters who will take your chickens and wouldn’t pay you as promised. Some even deactivate the phone numbers they used to communicate with you. This doesn’t mean all chicken offtakers are bad. There are still very good and honest ones. You only need to be careful when dealing with chicken offtakers.

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3. Have sales outlets in strategic areas

Another strategy to get your chickens and other farm produce sold quickly is by having sales outlets or shops in strategic locations where you could get a lot of buyers or customers. They could just walk in, pay for the product and leave. This is the most available poultry farm in the market.

This is the same strategy some chicken offtakers use. Some of them have shops or stands in different markets within a state. Yes, having sales outlets would increase your overhead costs, but it would benefit you in the long run provided your farm is actively raising chickens or producing eggs.

4. Hire good and experienced sales marketers

Some farms hire marketers to help them get more customers and are paid commissions per sales and bonuses on a particular sales target. You can offer these markets attractive commissions and bonuses to make them do their job very well. You should however factor these commissions in your selling price and it is advised to adopt this strategy only if you have many chickens or eggs to sell.

5. Partner with restaurants, eateries and hotels

There are restaurants, eateries and hotels that are in constant need of fresh eggs and processed chickens. They would be more than happy to partner with you and would be willing to buy your eggs and chickens at a wholesale price. This is a great way to sell your chickens and eggs without much effort.

6. Advertise on Google and social media

There are various online platforms where you can advertise your eggs and chickens for sale. These platforms are very effective in reaching a large number of potential buyers. You can also set up a website where you can showcase your products and sell them online.

Craigslist is another great online platform that can be used to sell your eggs and chickens. You can create a free listing and state all the details of what you are selling. This is a great way to reach out to buyers all over the world.

7. Process them and add more value with nice packaging

One way to increase the value of your eggs and chickens is to process them into other products. This can be done by setting up a small-scale egg or chicken processing plant. You can also sell the processed products to retailers or supermarkets. Various value-added products can be made from eggs and chickens. These include pasteurized eggs, boiled eggs, omelet, mayonnaise, chicken curry, fried chicken and chicken pie.

You need to package your chicken products very well. You can use the products of other farms to learn how to package chicken for sale.

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8. Target the festive season and special events

The festive season is a great time to sell eggs and chickens. This is because people tend to buy more food items during this period. They also need eggs and chickens for the holidays. You can take advantage of this by putting up special offers and promoting your eggs and chickens extensively.

Another time when you can sell eggs and chickens is during special events. For example, if there is a wedding or a birthday party, you can provide eggs and chickens as part of the catering service. This will attract customers and help you to make more sales.

9. Network with other farmers and businesses

Networking with other farmers and businesses can help you to sell more eggs and chickens. This is because they may be interested in buying your products. You can exchange ideas with them and learn from their experience. Networking can also help you to build relationships with potential buyers.

10. Use social media to promote your eggs and chickens

Social media platforms are a great way to promote your eggs and chickens. You can create profiles for your business on different social media platforms and post regular updates about your products. This will help you to reach a larger audience and attract more customers.

11. Avoid overproduction

It is important to avoid overproduction because it can lead to a surplus of eggs and chickens. This can lead to price fluctuations and reduced profits. It is therefore important to produce only the amount of eggs and chickens that you can sell at a reasonable price.

12. Join chicken buy back-programs

Some chicken farmers participate in a chicken buy-back program. This is where a company or chicken meat processor agrees to buy back your chickens once they reach a certain age. This can be a helpful way to reduce the number of chickens that you have to dispose of at the end of their lifespan.

Final Words

Planning is important in any business, poultry business inclusive. You need to have a feasible and executable marketing plan even before you start production. If you ignore this step, your sales and profits might suffer for it.

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