Top 3 Should-Have Android Apps for Poultry Farmers

This is a digital age where technological innovations and inventions have greatly helped poultry farmers and farmers in other fields of agriculture. The use of smartphones is on the increase and a lot of things and tasks could now be done on your smartphones. These range from the formulation of feeds for chickens to the management of egg sales and production. There are several Android Apps developed for use by poultry farmers for different purposes. Some Apps are exclusively for feed formulation, Health Management or Finance Management while some are “All in One.”

Below are Top 3 Android Apps that you must have on your smartphones as a poultry farmer.

1. FeedMix
This App was developed by the University of Georgia and funded by World Poultry Foundation. This App will help you to determine the nutritional quality of a particular feed and ingredients. When that is known, you will be able to use optimal ingredients to make diets for your birds. The developer of FeedMix App has also deemed it fit to include the nutritional requirements of the various classes of poultry birds such as chicks, pullets, layers, and Broiler. This is a nice App that you should really have on your android phone. By the way, I have it installed on my phone. To use this App, watch this YouTube video.
Download FeedMix on Google Play Store.
Download FeedMix on Apple App Store

2. Poultry Manager
With Poultry Manager App, you will be able to manage daily feeding, egg collection, vaccination and medications, sales and expenses on your poultry farm. You can also manage your poultry flock with the help of this App. Trust me, this is just the “All in One” Android App you need to install on your smartphone.
Download Poultry Manager on Google Play Store

3. EasePoultry
EasePoultry is a mobile Poultry Farm Management System Application that can help you to monitor the egg production of your chickens. The Egg Stock Register and Flock Performance report of all the batches of birds on your farm can be accessed at any time on your phone. You can easily calculate the feed consumed per bird, % mortality, % production, hen day production and hen house production directly on EasePoultry.
Download EasePoultry on Google Play Store

Do you know other Android Apps that you have had a great experience with? Kindly share them using the comment box.


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