Health Management and Biosecurity Measures in Poultry Production

Health management and biosecurity are very important in livestock production. Both need to be carried out to prevent unnecessary mortality, revenue loss due to mortality, raising unwholesome animals for man consumption.

vaccination of chicks

The success of any poultry investment depends on the health of the poultry birds. To achieve this objective, much attention must be paid to prevent disease occurrence. The vaccination and medication program must be carried out at the appropriate time.

The health management covers how diseases are handle among your livestock. To manage the health of your chickens, turkeys, geese, ducks, and quails, you have to properly administer vaccines and medicines.

  • Vaccination is a process of immunizing farm animals against disease outbreak. It is carried out at a specific period for specific animals. Some poultry diseases you can vaccinate against are Marek’s disease, Fowl Pox, Newcastle disease, and Gumboro disease.
  • Medication refers to the administration of drugs to farm animals. They can be applied to treat diseases after they have occurred.
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Biosecurity refers to the life protection measures that must be carried out to prevent disease outbreak. The biosecurity measures that are necessary to be taken on your farms are as follows:

  1. Foot baths should be constructed at the entrance of each pen and they should regularly filled with disinfectant.
  2. Farm compound must be fenced to restrict predators and unauthorized entry into the farm.
  3. Restriction of visitors into pens.
  4. Cleaning and disinfection of pens in between production cycles
  5. Regular health check to know the health status of the birds
  6. Vaccination and medication of poultry birds at appropriate time
  7. Safe handling and disposal of dead birds
  8. Control of rodent and insects because they are disease vectors
  9. Culling of undesirable birds in the stock
  10. Procurement of replacement stock from reputable disease-free sources
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These biosecurity measures cover all stages of poultry farming (brooding, growing, and egg laying) and can be applied in other aspects of livestock farming such as pig, cattle, goat, sheep, and rabbit.

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