External Parts of a Chicken

Did you know some people don’t know all the external parts of a chicken? Don’t be surprised. You could be part of them. Well, the external parts of a chicken include the following:

Labeled parts of a chicken


  1. Comb: It is the fleshy attachment on the top part of the chicken’s head, and it is usually red.
  2. Eyes: A chicken possesses two eyes, and each eye is located on each side of the head.
  3. Beak: The beak of a chicken is made up of the upper beak and the lower beak.
  4. Earlobes: The earlobes are two in number. Each lobe is located at one side of a chicken’s head.
  5. Wattles: They are the two red fleshy skins hanging below the beak.
  6. Breast: It is the broad, plump part located at the front of a chicken.
  7. Shank: It is the lower leg of a chicken that is covered by scales.
  8. Hock: It is the leg joint of a chicken, and it bends in the opposite direction.
  9. Wings: They are the two wings, each located on one side of a chicken’s body.
  10. Tail Feathers: They are the feathers located at the posterior or caudal part, and they point upwards.
  11. Cloaca: This is the anus of a chicken. It is the opening through which chickens pass out faeces or lay eggs.
  12. Toes: A chicken has eight toes. Each foot has four toes—three toes point forward while one points backward for balancing purpose.

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