Lists of Forage Grasses and Legumes for Animals

In the article I wrote on how to efficiently feed ruminants at a lower cost, I suggested the establishment of pastures. I further explained that it is necessary to consider the type, class and nutritive characteristics of the grasses and legumes to cultivate on the intended pastureland for the feeding of Cattle, Goats, Sheep, Rabbits, Oxen, Buffalo and even Horses. Below are the recommended forage grasses and legumes that a farmer can cultivate and would thrive well in the tropics and savannahs with good nutrients.

recommended forage grasses and legumes for animals
Cattle grazing in a field

Please note that grasses are basically rich in fiber while legumes are majorly rich in proteins and very rich in nitrogen. Also, you need the combination of the two on your established pastureland.

List of Forage Grasses for Animals

Botanical NameCommon NameNative Region
Andropogon gayanusGamba grassTropical Africa
A. tectorumSouthern gambaTropical Africa
Axonopus compressusCarpet grassTropical and subtropical
Axonopus scopariusImperial grassCentral and South America
Brachiaria decumbensSignal grassTropical Africa
Brachiaria muticaPara grassTropical Africa and South
B. brizanthaPalisade grassTropical Africa
B. ruziziensisRugi, congo grassTropical Africa
Cenchrus ciliarisBuffel grassAfica, India, Indonesia
Chloris gayanaRhodes grassAfrica
Cynodon dactylonBermuda grassTropics and subtropics
Cynodo nlemfuensisGiant star grassTropical Africa
Digitaria decumbensPangola grassSouth Africa
Hyparrhenia rufaJaragua grassTropical Africa
Melinis minutifloraMolassesTropical Africa
Panicum maximumGuinea grassTropical and subtropical
Panicum coloratumKlein grassEast Africa
Panicum antidotaleBlue panicSouth East Asia
Pennisetum purpureumElephant grassTropical Africa
Panicum pedicellatumKyasuwa grassTropical Africa and India
Panicum clamdestinumKikuyu grassEast-Central Africa
Saccharum officinarumSugar caneIndia
Setaria ancepsSetariaAfrica
Imperata cylindricaSpearGuatemala
Tripsacum laxumGuatemala grass 
Eleucine indicaStubborn grass 
Eragrostis tremulaWeeping love 
Aristida stipondesWutsiyar jaki 
Sporobolus pyramidalisDrop seed 
Cymbopogon citratusLemon grass 

List of Forage Legumes for Animals

Botanical NameCommon NameNative Region
Cajanus cajanPigeon peaAfrica, Asia
Calopogonium mucunoidesCalopoSouth America
Centrosema pubescensCentroSouth America
Desmodium intortumGreen leafTropical Africa
Desmodium uncinatumSilver leafTropical Africa
Gliricidia sepiumGliricidiaCentral Africa
Lablab purpureusHyacinth bearAfrica, Asia
Leucaena leucocephalaLucaena, lead treeTropical America
Neonotania wightiiGycineAfrica
Pueraria phaseoloidesKudzuEastern Asia
Stylosanthes guyanensisStyloTropical America
Stylosanthes humilisTownsvilleSouth America
Medicago sativaAlfalfaCentral Asia
Mimosa pudicaMimosa 
Alysicarpus viginalisBuffalo leaf 
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