[Ebook Guide] How To Start Broiler Farming Business Successfully


If you intend to start broiler production or farming now or in the future, then you are on the right page. Starting broiler farming in Nigeria or any part of the world is an excellent idea. Why? A lot of people have become millionaires through broiler farming and other poultry-related businesses. You may also want to ask: is broiler farming really a profitable or lucrative agribusiness? The answer is YES!

Poultry business is a good business, irrespective of its high risk. Broiler farming as a part of poultry is a business that brings high ROI for those who know the secrets of raising broilers successfully. If you’re a newbie, it is necessary for you to know what raising broilers entail. Broilers are not local chickens which are known for their hardiness, ruggedness and resistant to diseases. Raising broilers requires knowing and understanding some things about broiler chickens. For example, you will need to know about broiler housing systems, broiler feeds, diseases and vaccination and other management practices. To make broiler farming easy for you, I have taken the pain to write a 53-paged Ebook guide on broiler farming.

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Free Ebook broiler farmingThis is an ebook guide that contains all the important information you need to know about raising broilers either for household or commercial purpose. I believe that if you have the right information about broilers, you will find it easy to start and make it a bigger money-making venture. Everything in the book is detailed and I am even ready to explain further if there is a part that you don’t understand.

Many people have lost the passion and zeal to go into livestock farming. Why? It is simply because they had the zeal and passion, but they have refused to follow or pursue it. Sincerely, farming is sweet, and you will enjoy it if you start with the right mind and information.

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How much is this Ebook Guide?

It is just for a token of #10,000 #1,000 Naira

Before I continue, I would like to show you the Table of Contents:

How to start broiler farming ebook guide contents:

Chapter 1: Introduction to the Industry
Chapter 2: Broilers and Important Facts
Chapter 3: Broiler Housing and Rearing Systems
Chapter 4: Brooding
Chapter 6: Feeds and Feeding in Broiler Production
Chapter 7: Broiler Management Practices and Hygiene
Chapter 8: Prophylaxis and Vaccination
Chapter 9: Common Poultry Diseases
Chapter 10: Selling your Broilers

Remember, Christmas is fast approaching and this is an opportunity for you to make money in this season. YES! You will be raising broilers and selling to people during the forthcoming festive periods. Even if you are not selling, but will be raising broilers for a household purpose, you still need this book to prepare ahead.

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