FAQs on Broilers and Broiler Farming

I have decided to publish some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on broilers and broiler farming/production. The list would be updated as I receive more questions. Feel free to ask your questions if not answered using the comment box at the end of this post.

  1. What are Broilers?
    Broiler chickens are domesticated birds raised or kept primary for meat production. However, some farmers raise them for egg production, but that is very uncommon.
  1. What are the breeds of broiler chickens?
    Just like other farm animals, broilers have different breeds. The breeds of broilers include Cornish, Labe Rouge (or Red Broilers), Delaware and their crosses.
  1. Do broilers lay eggs like layers?
    Yes, they lay eggs. However, the egg laying performance of broilers is lower than that of layers.
  1. How long does it take a broiler to reach market weight?
    A broiler can reach maturity as early as 6 weeks. Though, this is a factor of feeding, management, and pedigree.
  1. What is the average weight of a matured broiler?
    A mature broiler should have an average weight of 2.5kg at the 8th week of age
  1. How many days should day-old broiler chicks be brooded?
    This depends on the current season or weather. However, brooding broilers should not exceed two weeks. After 2 weeks, withdraw any source of heat or warmth and you may remove the polyethene material used in covering the openings. The principle is whenever the young chicks have developed enough feathers to cover their body, it is unnecessary to supply additional heat again. Read more about brooding broiler chicks
  1. What are the feeds to give my broilers from day old?
    Normally, feed your birds with Broiler Starter diet for the first four weeks and Broiler Finisher diet for after 4 weeks until they are sold or slaughtered. You can also stop broiler starter at after the 3rd week. See a sample broiler feed formulation here
  1. What vaccines and drugs should I give my broilers?
    See the vaccination schedule of broilers here
  1. Can I give my broilers growers mash?
    Of course, giving them growers mash will not harm them. You can feed them with growers mash, but there would be a great difference if you follow the normal feeding regime and schedule which is broiler starter for 4 weeks and broiler finisher mash after.
  1. How can I make my broiler grow bigger or heavier?
    Please read this post on how to make broilers grow bigger
  1. Can I use synthetic growth booster for broilers?
    If you are able to get a good broiler growth enhancer or booster, you can use with caution. But I don’t advise the use of growth booster drugs as research has found that meat products from such as not really good for human health.
  1. Would broilers perform better in battery cages?
    Either you raise your broilers on battery cages or deep litter system relies totally on you. However, a deep-litter system is recommended to save costs.
  1. Which is better between readymade feeds and self-formulated feeds?
    Whichever you choose is a determinant of your financial capability or budget. Readymade feeds have been found to be more expensive and less effective than self-formulated feeds. However, the quality of feed ingredients and formulation are great factors to consider when deciding.
  1. What quantity of feed would a broiler consume from a day old to maturity?
    A broiler would consume an average of 3.63kg from day old to end of the 8th week. So, 100 broilers would consume (3.63 * 100) = 363kg or 14½ bags of feeds for 8 weeks.
  1. How much would it cost to feed 100 broilers to maturity?
    It would cost you roughly #63,000 to feed 100 broilers in Nigeria
  1. Can broilers thrive on free-range like local chickens?
    Yes, broilers can survive on a free-range system but the growth performance would be far lower than when they are confined and fed with concentrates.
  1. Where can I buy broiler chicks?
    You can get broiler chicks from reputable hatcheries near you. if you’re in Nigeria and you need broiler chicks, kindly contact me.
    1. My Broilers are passing out blood stained faeces, what is happening and what should I do?
      This is a sign that your flock has been infected with coccidiosis. You need to remove the litter in the pen and change with new dry wood shavings. Go to a veterinary drug store and get Prococ WDP or any recommended anti-coccidial drug. Always avoid pouring water on the litter or avoid keeping wet litters.
    1. Can I deworm broilers? If yes, when and any detrimental effect on their performance?
      Yes, you can and should deworm broilers. Deworm broilers every 4 weeks. No significant detrimental effect on broilers but don’t over-deworm.
  1. Could you recommend a good broiler diet formula for better growth?performance?
    Please read this post regarding broiler diet for better growth performance.
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If you have questions on broiler farming that have not been answered, please ask them as comments and I would update this post.

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