Day Old Chicks Price Today & Where to Buy

Day-old chicks, also known as DOCs, have become an increasingly demanded hatchery product by poultry farmers. The current price of day-old chicks is affected by some factors. These include the demand for poultry meat and eggs, the cost of feed and the current cost of production. Government policies related to agricultural production and trade also affect the price of day-old chicks.

In this blog post, we will explore the current price of day old chicks and where to buy chicks.

Day Old Broiler Price Today

Agrited Broiler₦790
Zartech Broiler₦740
CHI Broiler₦760
Sayed Broiler₦760
Valentine Broiler₦760
Yamfy Broiler₦760
Amo Broiler₦750
Chikun Olam Broiler₦-
Fidan Broiler₦730
Nu-Breed Broiler₦730
Supreme Broiler₦720
Ajila Broiler₦740
GS Broiler₦750
Farm Support Broiler₦750
Agricol Broiler₦-
Vertex Broiler₦740
Others₦750 – ₦800

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Day Old Pullets Prices Today

Agrited Pullet₦685
Zartech Pullet₦670
CHI Pullet₦670
Amo Pullet₦660
Olam Pullet₦-
Crown Pullet₦640
Nu-Breed Pullet₦660
Supreme Pullet₦640
Funtes Pullet₦650
Farm Support Pullet₦660

Prices of White Cockerel Chicks Today

Black Cockerel₦580

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Prices of Noiler Chicks Today

Amo Noiler₦600

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Prices of Turkey Poult Today

Turkey Poult (Foreign)₦6,300
Turkey Poult (Local)₦2,500

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Buy Your Chicks from Us

If you need high-quality day-old chicks (DOCs), we are at your service. We are a reliable supplier of DOC in Ibadan and can provide you with the chicks you need when you need them. We have a large inventory of chicks, so we can meet your needs, whatever they may be. We also offer a variety of delivery options to ensure that your chicks arrive safely and on time.

Please note, we are not a hatchery, but we help poultry farmers get chicks from their preferred hatchery. Whether from Agrited, Zartech, Farm Support or others, we are up to the task.

If you are interested in purchasing DOCs from us, please contact us today for more information. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have and help you get started with your order. You can also ask us for the DOC rate today.

Day Old Chicks ready
Akinbobola and Chicks
Day Old Chicks in vehicle

Where to Buy Day-Old Chicks Online in Nigeria

Many Nigerian poultry farmers face various challenges associated with procuring day-old chicks (DOC), poults and point of lay. These challenges include difficulty in finding a reputable hatchery or vendor, failure of the hatchery or vendor to supply at an agreed date and difficulty in getting quality DOC.

Well, the good news for Nigerian poultry farmers is that they can now order their day-old chicks, day-old poults (turkey) and their point-of-lay chickens online. Thanks to Afrimash for providing this service.

Irrespective of your location in Nigeria, you can buy your chicks online and they will be delivered to the nearest delivery centres to you. Click here to see all their DOC pickup points across Nigeria. The advantage of using this vendor is that you can book the breed and quantity of chicks from the hatchery of your choice right on their website. Other products you can buy on Afrimash’s website include:

  • Day Old Broiler chicks
  • Day Old Cockerel chicks
  • Day Old Layer chicks
  • Day Old Noiler chicks
  • Day Old Turkey poults
  • Point of lay chickens
  • Egg incubators
  • Vaccines
  • Poultry equipment like cages, drinkers, feeders, etc.

They have chicks from the following hatcheries:

  • Amo Hatchery
  • Agrited Hatchery
  • Boom Hatchery
  • CHI Hatchery
  • Farm Support Hatchery
  • Zartech Hatchery
  • Karmadex Hatchery

As mentioned earlier, Afrimash has delivery centres nationwide and there are contact numbers that you can call if you have an issue with your order or ask for additional information.

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This post is not an official review or recommendation for this company. It is primarily for informational purposes.

I have used their services before and got my day-old chicks (DOC) which were all in good condition. So if you’re convinced and could take the risk, don’t hesitate to try their service by clicking

FAQs about Day Old Chicks (DOC)

1. How many chicks are in a carton?

50 chicks are in a carton but most hatcheries add one extra chick to make it 51 chicks.

2. How much is a carton of day old broiler?

A carton of day-old broiler chicks today is between ₦25,000 and ₦29,000 depending on hatchery and breed.

3. How much is a carton of day old layer?

A carton of day-old layer chicks today is between ₦32,000 and ₦34,000 depending on hatchery and breed.

4. What is the price of day old guinea fowl in Nigeria?

A day old guinea fowl in Nigeria is ₦1000 while a carton is ₦40,000.

5. What is the price list of your day old chicks?

Please click here to see the price list.

6. What is the price of broiler chicken in Nigeria?

The current price of broiler chicken in Nigeria is ₦1100-1200 per kilogram of live weight depending on the seller. For a 4-week-old broiler chicken, it is ₦1500-2000 depending on the seller.

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