Where to Buy Day Old Chicks (DOC) Online in Nigeria

This post was last updated on 16 February, 2019

A lot of Nigerian poultry farmers face various challenges associated with procurement of day old chicks (DOC), poults and point of lays. These challenges include difficulty to find a reputable hatchery or vendor, failure of hatchery or vendor to supply at an agreed date and difficulty to get quality DOC. Well, the good news for Nigerian poultry farmers is that they can now order for their day old chicks, day old poults (turkey) and their point of lay chickens online. Thanks to Afrishmash for providing this service.

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Irrespective of your location in Nigeria, you can buy your chicks online and they would be delivered to the nearest delivery centers to you. Click here to see all there DOC pickup points across Nigeria. The advantage of using this vendor is that you can book for the breed and quantity of chicks and from the hatchery of your choice right on their website. Other products you can buy on Afrimash’s website include:

  • Day Old Broiler chicks
  • Day Old Cockerel chicks
  • Day Old Layer chicks
  • Day Old Noiler chicks
  • Day Old Turkey poults
  • Point of lay chickens
  • Egg incubators
  • Vaccines
  • Poultry equipment like cages, drinkers, feeders etc.

They have chicks from the following hatcheries:


As mentioned earlier, Afrimash has delivery centers nationwide and there are contact numbers that you can call if you have an issue with your order or ask for additional information.

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This post is not an official review or recommendation for this company. It is primarily for informational purpose. Though I have used their service before and I got my day old chick (DOC) which were all in a good condition. So if you’re convinced and could take the risk, don’t hesitate to try their service by visiting www.afrimash.com

If you know any other genuine companies or websites that offer this kind of online service to procure chicks, and worth adding to this post, kindly drop their name in the comment box.

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