How to Weigh Live Poultry Birds Accurately

Livestock scale is a common practice in a lot of farms, including live poultry farms. While it is not very different from weighing farm animals, let us look at 5 factors to consider while weighing live poultry bird to get accurate weight measurements.

1. Balance the Empty Scale

Ensure that the Livestock scale is always maintained in zero balance. Check the balance every day before and after the weighing. The zero balance, time and date of the balanced empty scale must be mechanically printed or documented accurately before any poultry bird or feed is weighed. In addition, the zero balance of the scale must be verified whenever a weigher resumes weighing duties after an absence from the scale.

There are different ways to balance various scales. For example, electronic digital scales should be properly warmed up before use and a balance ball or other balancing devices should be operated only when balancing the empty scale and should not be operated at any time or for any other purpose.

2. Weigh the Load Accurately

The vehicle scales used to weigh the live poultry bird should have sufficient length and capacity to weigh an entire vehicle as a unit. Before the load is being weighed, the weigher should ensure that the entire vehicle is placed on the scale platform and that there are no people standing on it.

The weight should be measured in the correct value and concentrate on the beam tip or the digital indicator. Ensure that the scales indicate a stable weight before noting down the measurement.

3. Recording the Weight

Record the gross or tare weight immediately after the load balance is obtained or before any load is moved or removed from the scale platform. Ensure that the printed weight matches the weight value that is indicated on the digital indicator when the correct load balance is obtained. Operate the scale only when the load is on the scale and correctly balanced. When the returned feed from a contract poultry grower is picked up and weighed on an onboard weighing system, ensure that the weight of the feed is recorded and a ticket is printed.

4. Responsibilities of the Weigher

The main responsibility of the weigher is to determine and record the true weight of the live poultry bird without any prejudice. They shouldn’t permit the representations or attitudes of any persons or agencies to influence their judgment or action in performing their duties. The weigher should not rush the weighing process as there may be inaccuracies or incorrect weight records. Lastly, the weigher should not deny those who have the right to observe the weighing and recording procedures and they should not withhold any information from such people, some of whom include poultry growers or sellers.

5. Sensitivity Control

Ensure that the scale is sensitive in response to the platform loading if you want accurate results. Assure that there are no interferences, weigh beam friction and other factors that can interfere with or impair the scale sensitivity. If the balance is sufficiently sensitive, then the scale must be balanced with the indicator at the center of the target. Check for interferences or binding of the scale platform, or other “live” parts of the scale at the beginning of each weighing period as these are the common causes of weighing inaccuracies.

You need to observe a few other precautions in addition to the above-mentioned points. Adjust and seal the poises of livestock scales carefully as any change could affect the weighing accuracy. If you think the scale has been adjusted, modified, or repaired in any manner that can affect the accuracy of weighing or weight recording, then you must not use the scale until it has been tested, inspected and found to be accurate.

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