How to Market or Sell Your Broilers

The production and marketing of chickens is one of the most prominent and important economic activities in Nigeria. Due to the increased need for animal protein, there is a great demand for broiler meat both in Nigeria and abroad.

The production and commercialization of chickens have increased notably, achieving high growth and sustained development in recent years, making chicken the leading product in the market and giving access to companies that are dedicated to its commercialization and/or export.

Broiler chicken tops the rank for the meat type poultry birds raised both for subsistence and commercial poultry farming in Nigeria. While we have many broiler chicken farmers, most of them are faced with challenges in the marketing part of the business.

In this article, I will discuss how broiler farmers can market and sell their broilers quickly.

Broiler Sales and Marketing Strategies

There are two ways to sell your broilers:

  1. Sell at 4 Weeks old
  2. Sell when matured
  3. Slaughter and sell

1. Sell at 4 Weeks old

Some people do not want to go through the stress of brooding broilers from a day old till maturity. However, they are ready to raise them after they must have grown feathers. As a broiler farmer, you can target this group of people and sell your broilers to them. All you need to do is to raise your broiler chicks from a day old to 3 weeks old, depending on what your market wants. Broilers in this category are sold at the rate of #800-900 (2$)/bird in Nigeria.

2. Sell When Matured

This is the most common in Nigeria. Many poultry farmers raise their broilers till 6 weeks or more and start selling to the consumers. Here, they get higher profit selling at a mature age than selling at 3-4 weeks old. The period when there are higher sales is the festive periods such as Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Sallah, etc. Those who cannot afford bigger animals like, goats, rams, or cattle should be able to afford a broiler which goes for as low as 2,500. It now depends on how big your broilers are, and the location of the market. If you are selling at a reasonable price and your broilers are attractive enough, then consumers will patronize you.

3. Slaughter, Process and Sell

Apart from selling your broilers when they are young or mature, you can slaughter, dress, and package them for the consumers. There are a lot of people who are afraid to slaughter live animals like chickens, and some do not have the time to dress chickens. You just do this for them and sell the dressed meat to the final consumers. This is where frozen broiler chicken comes in. Doing this requires experience, hygienic practices, and government approval. That is to say, it is a venture that is quite expensive. However, if you have the money, you can go ahead with it.

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