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Goat farming or goat production has gained a lot of popularity in the western countries because these countries have known the importance and benefits of goats. These include high-quality milk, hides and of course chevon (meat of goat). It is somewhat unfortunate that most African countries including Nigeria have not really seen the beauty in goat farming and how it could significantly boost the economy.

My personal findings have revealed that the reason for the little investment in goat farming is attributed to lack of helpful information about goats and how they could be profitably managed. For one to be successful in any farming enterprise, one needs to have a lot of information about such enterprise. Hence, if you want to start profitable goat farming, you need to have access to a lot of information about goats, goats farming, management and the business itself. Doing this would save from losing money, increase your interest and of course, allows you to plan better.

Goat farming no doubt has many benefits which range from nutritional to financial benefits. Some of the benefits or advantages of goat farming include:

  • They can serve as a means of generating income
  • Low capital to start and low cost of production
  • Production of high-quality milk which research have found to better than cow milk. That means higher demand in both the local and international market. Read more about the benefits of goat milk
  • You don’t need a lot of building or infrastructure unlike poultry, piggery or fishery
  • High ROI and low risk
  • Low incidence of diseases and feeds are cheap and abundant
  • The meat is generally acceptable, delicious and of higher demand
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Goat farming business is an enterprise that you can start with as low as 3 goats—a buck (male) and two does (female)—and within two years, you would be having as high as 18 goats on your farm after 2 years under proper breeding management. In addition, you can start with as low as 100,000-150,000 excluding the cost of land. You don’t need much experience to start goat farming and even a student can go into the venture without interfering with his or her academics.

To cut a long story short, I have compiled and package a comprehensive ebook on goat farming. Yes, very comprehensive that a newbie can understand everything written therein. I have taken the time to write this ebook and added everything one needs to know if interested in going into the goat farming. Let me give you the table of content to know what is included in the book.

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Chapter 1:  Introduction
1.1 The importance of goats
1.2 Farming Systems

Chapter 2 Housing in goat farming
2.1 Reasons for housing goats
2.2 Aspects to consider for housing
2.3 Building sheds
2.4 Requirements in the shed
2.5 Housing systems
2.6 Housing requirements

Chapter 3 Goat feeding
3.1 What do goats need
3.2 Intake
3.3 Grasses
3.4 Crop residues and by-products
3.5 Leguminous forages
3.6 Concentrates
3.7 Practical feeding
3.8 Recommendations

Chapter 4 Health, diseases and parasites
4.1 A healthy goat
4.2 Diagnosis of a sick goat
4.3 Infectious diseases
4.4 Diseases due to feeding errors
4.5 Internal parasites: Worms
4.6 External parasites

Chapter 5 Reproduction in Goats
5.1 Heat detection
5.2 Breeding
5.3 Reproductive cycle
5.4 Young animals
5.5 Breeds of goats
5.6 Desired characteristics of male goats

Chapter 6 Kid and young stock rearing
6.1 Kidding
6.2 Kid rearing
6.3 Young stock rearing

You can see that I have touched every part of goat farming in this ebook, and I made it very comprehensive to read. You don’t need to have a dictionary beside you before you could understand the content. This goat farming ebook is what you will love to read and thank me later for a well-done job. This is my field and I know what it entails. I guarantee that you would be getting quality and high value for your money.

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If you think you are tired of spending all your savings without having any existing business, or you think it’s high time you started your own farming business, perhaps you have a good land that could be used for livestock farming, this is the time to choose goat farming. After deciding, get this ebook. Even if you’re not interested now, get the ebook and keep for future use. Please, like and share this post on Facebook before or after downloading the Ebook.

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