Health Management in Grasscutter Farming


Health management is very important in all aspects of livestock farming. As a grasscutter or cane rat farmer, the health of your big rats should be very important to you because if they come down with diseases, you would be spending additional money to combat those diseases. Of course, your cost of production is increasing. To protect your grasscutters from diseases, the following measures should be done:

  • Inspect grasscutters daily in order to detect any sick animals early.
  • Giving your animals the appropriate feed and taking basic hygiene measures help in reducing potential losses to diseases.
  • Avoid rough handling of your animals and unnecessary noise
  • Regularly disinfect the pens, sheds, cages its environment and materials. Wash the feeding and drinking troughs twice in a week.
  • Quarantine new grasscutters for 2 weeks before joining them with the main stock.
  • Keep feed away from rodents by making the feed store rodent-proof.
  • Give minerals and vitamins supplements bi-weekly. You can also give sweetened lemon juice which has been recognized as an immune system strengthener. To make this juice, get 400 ml of pure lemon juice and add 55 cubes of sugar and mix with 20 litres of water.
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How to Know a Sick Grasscutter

To know if a grasscutter is sick, there are some observable signs you will see. These include:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Dull-looking or matted fur
  • Social withdrawal or isolation from others
  • Inability to escape capture
  • Liquid or soft faeces
  • Paralysis
  • Coughing
  • Inflammation of certain parts of the body
  • Abnormally long incisors

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