How to Make Money Without Owning a Working Farm

Are you aware that you can make money from agriculture even without having a working farm? While it is highly necessary to own and run a farm if you want to make money in the agric sector, there are other opportunities you can exploit even without having a farm. Most especially during the festive period, you can cash on several money-making opportunities associated with livestock production.

During popular festive seasons such as Easter, Salah and Christmas, there are higher demands for chickens, turkey, cattle, rams, eggs, goats and fish. Hence, several business-opportunities are available during these periods. You can make money during these periods in some ways, which include:

By buying from farmers and selling to consumers

You can make money by buying animals from the livestock farmers. You will then sell to consumers either by taking them to the market or visiting your prospects in their homes. The advantage of this is that you can make more profit if you can bargain well with the farmer to sell to you at a favourable price and if you are great at selling at much higher prices to your customers.

By connecting bulk buyers to farmers

For instance, if you know someone who buys matured broiler chickens in large numbers and you know some broiler farmers, you can connect both of them together. If both are able to close the deal, you will receive a commission. One important tip: Always inform and agree on your commission before connecting the buyer and seller together.

By helping farmers to sell

You could also make money by going into a contract with livestock farmers that you will receive a commission on each animal you sell on behalf of the farmers. If you’re a good salesperson or marketer, then you will definitely make a lot of money by helping farmers to sell their animals.

By selling highly useful information

In case you don’t know, some farmers are ready to pay you for any vital information that could help their business or increase their profits during this period. For example, giving them tips or clues on how they can sell their products faster. It could even be tips about where they can get financial assistance to expand their business in the next growing or production season.

Closing words

Making money in the field of agriculture without having any active farm is quite easy. However, it requires you to be highly creative, to have the ability to think out-of-the-box and to be researchful. With the four ideas shared above, you should be smiling to the bank.

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