Damascus Goat Breed Information

History of Damascus Goat Breed

The Damascus goat breed is one of the dairy breeds of goat. Even though this goat breed is majorly used or raised for dairy milk production, they are also bred for meat. Damascus goats are also called Damascene, Baladi, Shami, Halep and Chami. While this goat breed has its origin in the Middle East, it is believed that the goats were taken by the British to Cyprus, the place where the goat got the name Damascus.

Characteristics of Damascus Goats

The physical features or characteristics of Damascus goat breeds include:

  1. They have large body sizes
  2. They have long hairs
  3. They have a relatively small head
  4. Their coat colour ranges from brown, red, and grey
  5. The goats can either be polled (no horns) or horned
  6. Adult Damascus goats possess long legs and neck
  7. The males (bucks) are heavier and larger than the females (does). A fully grown buck has an average body weight of 80 kg while a fully grown doe has an average weight of 55kg.
  8. They are good milk producers as they could produce as high as 1.5 litres of milk per day.
  9. They have low temperament, docile and are easy to handle.
  10. They are capable of giving birth to 3-4 kids per kidding.
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A Herd of Damascus Goats

Breed Profile Summary of Damascus Goats

Name of BreedDamascus Goat
Alternative NamesDamascene, Baladi, Shami, Halep and Chami
Breeding PurposeDairy or milk production
OriginCyprus, Syria, Lebanon
Body SizeLarge
Average Body WeightAdult buck – 80 kg Adult doe – 55 kg
Puberty Age5 -10 months
Climatic ToleranceAdapts well in any climate
Coat ColourBrown, red, and grey
HardinessVery hardy

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