Quick Loan Providers Without Collateral in Nigeria

Why Do You Need A Loan?

As a farmer, there are times when one would need a quick, short term loan to settle one or several emergencies or urgent needs because you’re out of sufficient cash. Emergencies such as the purchase of feeds, medicines, vaccines, drinker, feeder or replacement or servicing of machine or equipment could warrant a farmer to look for a quick loan.

If you are in Nigeria and you are looking for where to turn to when you need quick or instant loans for personal or business reasons, then this article is for you. Keep reading as I list and discuss the verified quick loan providers in Nigeria without collateral, submitting documents or paying an application fee.

Disclaimer: Livestocking and I have no relationship whatsoever with any of these loan providers and this is not a sponsored post. So we are not liable for any deals or transactions you do with them.

Also, note that these loans are not long-term loans but short-term loans and they might come with higher interest rates and inconvenient repayments. Therefore, look for other options before going for a loan.

Online Short-Term Loan Providers Without Collateral in Nigeria

Carbon (Paylater)

Carbon, formerly Paylater, is one of the leading e-lending platforms in Nigeria. Carbon offers short term loans to both individuals and businesses when they need urgent cash. You can access as high as N500,000 loan from Carbon without any collateral. The application process is pretty easy and done via its Android App, and you would receive the loan in your bank account within 24 hours as soon as your loan application or request is approved.

Log on to the official website of Carbon https://getcarbon.co for more details about Carbon (Paylater) and how to get started.


Similar to Carbon (Paylater), Branch is another quick loan provider in Nigeria. You can access as high as N200,000 loan from Branch. You don’t need to provide any collateral or submit any document to access Branch quick loan. All you need is a computer or smartphone and internet access to apply for this loan.

Log on to the official website of Branch https://branch.co for more details about Branch and how to get started.


Quickcheck is a reliable and reputable quick loan provider in Nigeria. On Quickcheck platform, you can access up to N30,000 loan and you can apply via there Android App. Users are not required or asked to submit any papers or provide any collateral before they are given loan.

Log on to the official website of Branch http://quickcheck.ng for more details about Branch and how to get started.


Unlike others, Kwikmoney works differently as the loan application is done via USSD on mobile phones or on their website. Individuals can get up to N100,000 loan easily through Kwikmoney with no collateral.

Dial *561# on your mobile phone or visit https://www.kwikmoney.com to get started.


This is an android app based Nigerian e-lender or loan provider. With Palmcredit, you can access up to N100,000 and you wouldn’t have to submit a document or collateral. Everything is done on Palmcredit app.

Visit https://palmcredit.com to learn more or how to apply for Palm credit quick loan.


If you are in Nigeria and you need a quick cash loan, C24 Limited is another provider that you should give a try. No paperwork, collateral or unnecessary procedures required to get cash loans from C24. The application process is easy and once approved, you get the loan within 24 hours.

Log on to https://c24.com.ng to learn more and apply for C24 loan.


Specta is an electronic leading platform operating in Nigeria. With Specta, you can get loans as high as N5,000,0000 within 5 minutes. Of course, no paperwork or collateral is required. Additionally, you can apply for personal or business loan.

Visit https://www.myspecta.com to learn more about Specta and apply.


If you are a regular user of Quickteller to make transactions such as transferring money to bank accounts, airtime recharge or booking of flight, you can access a quick loan of up to N10,000 with Quickteller. While Quickteller loan approval is not that easy, you should still try your luck with them. Visit https://quickteller.com to get started.


Fairmoney offers both quick, short-term personal and business loans to Nigerians. Fairmoney provides up to N150,000 loan and everything is done on their mobile app—no collateral or paperwork.  If interested in Fairmoney loan, visit https://fairmoney.ng to learn more or how to get started.


As the name depicts in Yoruba, “Quick Quick” or “Fast Fast”, KiaKia is another platform that offers quick loans to Nigerians through its simple, fast, efficient and effective solution. You can get up to N200,000 loan from KiaKia provided you meet their loan conditions and requirements. They won’t ask you for collateral before they release any loan to you.

Visit https://kiakia.co to learn more about KiaKia loans and getting started.

There are many e-lenders or quick loan providers in Nigeria and we would definitely be having new ones in the near future. However, those ones listed above have been tested and confirmed to be what they really are. The list would also be updated as soon as we have others.

Feel free to give them a try if you need a quick loan to settle unforeseen farm bills or take care of some cash issues.

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