Ginger for Chickens: Benefits & How to Prepare

Ginger is a herbaceous plant highly valued for its numerous medicinal properties and is characterized by its spicy taste. Many organic poultry farmers use ginger root as a natural herb for birds because it helps strengthen their health and productive performance.

Properties of Ginger

Ginger is one of the most used plants in organic poultry farming because it is part of the natural medicine for chickens. Some of the properties contained in this vegetable are the following:

  1. It is very rich in vitamins B and C
  2. It contains minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, aluminum and chromium
  3. It contains amino acids and high fiber content
  4. It has essential oils such as cannphene, limonene and citronellal
  5. It has anti-inflammatory, anti-anaemic, antibacterial and antioxidant properties
  6. It is an immune system booster
  7. It possesses healing properties.

Benefits of Giving Ginger to Chickens

Some beginners in poultry keeping wonder if ginger is good for chickens because they are unaware of the effects this plant can have on animals. Below are the benefits of giving ginger to chickens.

  1. It helps cure digestive problems such as constipation
  2. Improves the appetite of birds
  3. Helps fight infections
  4. It is effective in treating the flu
  5. Helps strengthen the immune system of chickens
  6. It also deduces stress
  7. It helps heal wounds
  8. Ginger helps fight and prevent gastrointestinal and respiratory diseases
  9. It is also quite useful to administer it during the cold periods. It helps to the increase the body heat production of birds and thereby improving blood circulation
  10. Ginger is used as probiotics for layers and growth promoter in broilers and in turn serves as prevention and replacement of synthetic antibiotics.

How to Prepare & Feed Ginger to Chickens

The way to provide ginger to birds is quite simple. The only thing to do is to grate and boil a piece of ginger for 4-5 minutes in a liter of water. Subsequently, once the ginger solution is cold, it is poured into the drinker of the chickens to drink. It is recommended to administer this ginger tea once or twice a week.

Another method is to place small grated pieces of fresh or dried ginger in the feeder. There are those who prefer ginger powder because it is easier to mix with food. The suggested dosage is 10 grams of ginger per kilogram of feed.

Final Words

Natural or traditional herbs for poultry birds are quite useful for protecting the health of the birds. They are meant to prevent or cure diseases that are not very complicated or that are detected early. Therefore, any bird that presents any serious symptoms of diseases should be taken and treated by a veterinarian.

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