Starting a Poultry Farm Enterprise: How to Get Started

It is generally accepted that the best way to start a poultry farm is to begin modestly and let the business build its increases. In fact, in almost any type of farming, real success usually comes in this way. This plan is both economical and safe for those with capital, as well as those without it, and allows the owner to accumulate experience and business ability as the farm develops.

The experienced person or the beginner can well afford to proceed carefully with an earnest determination to study the fundamentals thoroughly and put them into practice with discretion. Mistakes undoubtedly will be made, for no business or undertaking is without them, no matter how well planned. However, the greatest errors come when there is no organization or definite plan of action and those in authority take too many chances.

The novice (beginner), then, is confronted with the problem of deciding how the business will be developed. The best method of procedure is to take stock of all resources and outline a definite plan of action. If limited as to capital, it may be possible to keep poultry as a sideline while working at some other occupation. When the business develops to such a point that the owner feels justified in giving it all his time, the other work may be dropped. Another way is to work for a time with some good poultry farmers. Both of these plans are good, for they provide a means of livelihood while gaining experience, as well as an opportunity to save money. The latter plan has the most in its favor because there is a chance not only to do the practical things but to observe how the owner conducts a successful business. Experience is a good teacher, but too often an expensive one. For this reason, the inexperienced person is unwise unless money-making is no object and poultry is kept as a hobby, to buy a farm and depend on earning a living from it, while learning the business.

poultry house pen
Poultry Pen

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Of late years, there have been many opportunities for persons with practical experience, but little or no capital, to form a partnership with those having the necessary cash and a desire to build up a poultry plant. To arouse the interest of well-qualified persons, many attractive inducements are offered, because the owner feels that under the circumstances the business will be better conducted if both parties share alike in the profits and responsibilities. For the same reason, the proprietor of a good business of long standing, due to labour difficulties, old age, or poor health, many times is anxious to find someone to continue the business, who he feels, by having a larger personal interest than the salary he receives, will give it greater consideration. Partnerships of this type in poultry farming seldom endure, for many difficulties arise. The man with money, not understanding the business and perhaps expecting too much from it, becomes dissatisfied and disinterested. The practical man, not having any of his own money at stake, maybe too free and careless in spending his partner’s money, and besides lack the ability to conduct the business properly. The personal makeup of the two may not be such that they can get along well together. Also, the business may not be large enough to allow two families to receive a reasonable income when it is divided. It may be possible under certain very favorable conditions to have a successful partnership that will last and be profitable to all parties concerned.

The renting of a farm offers possibilities to those with limited capital. Here again, there are serious objections, for the business that one man will probably have at the start is not likely to be large enough to furnish sufficient profits to warrant sharing them with the owner. Besides, all buildings or permanent improvements made by the tenant belong to the owner. This and the fact of not owning the place are handicaps, because there is no desire to invest in the necessary equipment. Perhaps there is some justification in renting a place for a year or two with the option of buying later, for, in this way, a good idea of the possibilities of the farm may be obtained.

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Anyone interested in poultry farming today can obtain valuable information and instruction on the internet or Agricultural Research Institutes. Nearly all these institutions, in addition to the numerous free bulletins and leaflets on methods and results of experiments, provide a special extension service to aid the people of their respective states in securing the best possible, results by following the most approved methods. Besides this, there are many books and farm papers with timely advice. In fact, there is so much information of so varied a character that it is puzzling for the inexperienced person to know just which is the best course to follow. It is best to select an approved method and be very conservative about making changes.

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