List of Sounds that Domestic Animals Make

Have you ever wondered what sound an animal makes? Would you like to know what the sounds made by animals are called? This article provides a comprehensive list of the sounds that animals make.

From the barking of a dog to the crowing of a chicken, animals make a wide variety of sounds. Each sound is unique and can be used to communicate various messages, from excitement to warning.

So, if you’re curious about the sounds domestic animals make, check out the table below!

1.What sound does a goat make?Bleat, maa
2.What sound does a sheep make?Bleat, baa
3.What sound does a cow make?Moo, low
4.What sound does a donkey make?Bray, hee-haw
5.What sound does an ox make?Low, moo
6.What sound does a camel make?Grunt
7.What sound does a horse make?Neigh, nicker, whinny
8.What sound does a chicken make?Crow, cluck, buck
9.What sound does a pigeon make?Coo
10.What sound does a duck make?Quack
11.What sound does a goose make?Honk, hiss
12.What sound does a quail make?Call
13.What sound does a peacock make?Squawk, scream, honk
14.What sound does a parrot make?Squawk, talk
15.What sound does an ostrich make?chirp, bark, hiss, low hum
16.What sound does a turkey make?Gobble
17.What sound does a rabbit make?Squeak, drum
18.What sound does a pig make?Oink, grunt, squeal, snort
19.What sound does a llama make?Hum, orgle, scream, cluck
20.What sound does an alpaca make?Hum, orgle, scream, cluck
21.What sound does a dog make?Bark, bay, growl, howl
22.What sound does a cat make?Meow, mew, growl, hiss, purr, trill
23.What sound does a guinea pig make?Wheek
24.What sound does a hamster make?Squeak
25.What sound does a deer make?Bellow, bleat
26.What sound does a cane rat make?Squeak

Kindly note that some animals make very loud sounds, while others make very soft sounds. If you find the above table helpful, please share it with others.

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