Poultry Egg Incubator 101: Everything You Need to Know

Which came first, the egg or the chicken? Unfortunately, no matter how much argument we put into this question, we may never really know. Luckily, we don’t need to know. But what we can know and learn is how to make eggs into chickens or any animal for that matter. Through the power of science, we can conveniently imitate the process of hatching eggs by using an egg incubator.

Egg Incubator Definition

An egg incubator is simply a device that mimics the environment set by a parent animal when it tries to hatch an egg. Nowadays modern incubators are electrically powered. These are used in egg farms or anyone interested in raising an animal from an egg at home. Sizes vary from the need, from home egg incubators to factory massive ones.

There are a lot of things to consider when incubating eggs. Heat, humidity and even rotation of the egg throughout the process should be considered. Too much heat and you could end up with scrambled eggs. Forgetting to rotate them then you could also end up with a half-cooked meal. Fortunately, these have been put into consideration by modern incubators.

A regular egg incubator is composed of a heater (usually a bulb), thermometer and a container with holes. Homemade incubators are as effective as store bought ones. More sophisticated egg incubators almost have the same design as your basic ones, except with much more modern thermometers which monitor and automatically adjust the heat when needed. High-end ones also have electric rotators that from time to time rotate the egg.

Egg Incubator
Egg Incubator

Most of these egg incubators are used nowadays to save money. Although, for example, a hen, does a good job in hatching eggs the old way. Egg incubators make the process more safe and accurate. Hundreds and thousands of money may be lost if this process of egg hatching is not done properly. That’s why most people in this business consider investing in egg incubators.

Progress happens when you know that the technology nowadays can exactly mimic what nature can do. Egg incubator does not only makes it more efficient to raise animals for those in his business, but it can now also allow us to watch the beauty of birth in our own homes.

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Getting to Know Egg Incubators

The number of people getting interested in egg incubators is increasing. People such as poultry farmers and egg enthusiasts are seeing the advantages of using egg incubators. The truth is there are a lot of things it can do for a business and hobby.

Owning egg incubators can be advantageous for business because it can be used to substitute the conventional way of hatching eggs. Usually, birds incubate the eggs on a seasonal basis. Egg incubators eliminate this problem because they can incubate eggs all year round. Moreover, incubators nowadays are very accurate. They mimic the exact conditions needed to hatch eggs successfully. When it comes to hatching eggs, one way to replace Mother Nature is by using egg incubators.

Some people may wonder about the accuracy of these devices. The truth is these egg incubators are more often than not more accurate than the real thing. Although one may argue that mother still knows best, in this case, it does not always follow. Since most incubators these days have additional features such as thermometers and humidifiers and what not, they tend to be safer to hatch eggs. Since heat and humidity are two of the most important factors that need to be considered in egg hatching, egg incubators got that covered.

Another thing that incubators can do is massive hatching. A regular chicken can only do so much. Poultry farmers can benefit a lot from these. Since number plays a lot the in egg hatching business, then there is no way you can lose with egg incubators. Furthermore, since these devices are already perfected, there is no way that the quality of hatch eggs is compromised. In a sense, poultry farmers get the best of both worlds—quantity and quality.

The rotation of the egg is another thing that needs to be considered when hatching eggs, but that too is now covered by egg incubators. Automatic egg turners are now available on selected incubators. So eggs will no longer be turned manually. These egg incubators also have specialized trays that hold specific eggs of different sizes and requirements. These means that you are sure to get perfect hatched fouls always.

In summary, egg incubators are one of the most helpful devices that have been created to help the poultry raising business. They are efficient, convenient and accurate and are sure way to rocket a business away.

5 Things to Consider When Choosing an Egg Incubator

Need to have the perfect egg incubator? If you are deciding to purchase yourself an incubator to help you hatching needs, then there are lot more things to consider than price. Here are some things you need to know when choosing the incubator for you:

  1. Simplicity
  2. Research
  3. Experience
  4. Firmness
  5. Temperature and Humidity

1. Simplicity. When choosing a good egg incubator, do not right away go for the most expensive. All incubators are alike in so many ways and sometimes the most expensive one will just waste your money. In a sense, if you can choose an incubator with only the basics in it, you will still end up with the same results. What is important is that you mimic the conditions set to hatch an egg. An incubator with a heater and proper ventilation will do the work fine.

2. Hit the books and research. If you are a beginner in hatching eggs, do some research. Different eggs hatch differently, in time and conditions needed. Be sure have enough information on your chosen bird. Get a read on its life cycle and be sure to prepare yourself on what might happen along the process.

3. Experience. Ask advice from people who have experience using an incubator and have been hatching eggs for a certain period. Sometimes the most practical and useful advice cannot be found anywhere; better get it straight from the horse’s mouth.

4. Be firm and do not get distracted. Sometimes technology blinds you from choosing the best incubator for you. So stick to what you only need. There are a lot of innovations on egg incubators nowadays, and they keep getting more and more sophisticated. Going without any preparation to a store will sometimes blind you, and you will end up buying something you do not need. Consider, if this is your first time, you do not need to be confusing yourself with all the fuss of technology when hatching is your main concern.

5. Temperature and humidity. These two are what you need to consider when looking for an incubator. Look for an incubator with the most accurate reading. And proper ventilation is the third thing. Failing to do these will affect the conditions of your egg and subsequently cause your eggs to hatch abnormally. High temperature can cook your eggs hard boiled while humidity will affect your eggs health. Proper ventilation prevents overheating and equal distribution of moisture.

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