Plan To Create A Website For Your Farm Soon Or In The Future? Read This!

No doubt, the Internet has really helped the world at large. Apart from the ability to communicate with people in another location, information can be shared with people wirelessly.

Many businesses have taken advantage of the power of the Internet to reach more customers and boost their revenues and profits. So you also need to expand your farm business to the Internet by creating a website with a good domain name. There are several benefits of having a website for your farm.

Unlike when there was no Internet, you can now tell people about what you produce or sell such as live or processed chickens, turkeys or cattle; eggs; maize, yam, cassava etc. without running radio or TV adverts. Additionally, you can use your website as a platform where prospects can learn more about your farm, contact you and place orders.

Having a website will boost your reputation and increase the trust people or customers have for your farm or business. Customers will know they are dealing with a real business and could even pay your farm a visit if you have your address on the webpage.

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Your website, coupled with your social media page can help you to pull more business fans. More fans usually mean more customers and sales.

Please don’t be left out. Create a website for your website today. Do you know that even when you are not ready to have a website at the moment, you can still secure something that will be valuable to your farm business? It is called a DOMAIN name.

A domain is what is used to locate your website on the Internet. Examples of a domain are,,, etc. Without a domain name, you cannot have a website. It means you need a domain name before creating a website. Luckily, it is possible to get a domain name and keep until you are ready to create a website for your farm. However, I don’t want you to make the same mistake I made some years ago.

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In the year 2010, I formed a sweet name for my farm, but because I wasn’t really serious about the farm thing, I didn’t bother to buy a domain name. Five years after, I decided to create a website with that domain name, Alas! someone has already acquired the name. I’m unable to use the name again. I lost the precious domain to another person. To avoid losing your potential domain name to another website, you must purchase your domain name now.

How much can I buy a domain name?
A domain name is now very cheap as you can buy one for as low as $1 and as high as $25. However, you need to keep renewing the domain for as low as $8 each year. It is that easy.
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