How to Buy the Right Rabbit Cage

If you are looking for how to buy the right cage for your rabbit, you are on the right page. Even though some people let rabbits run free in their homes, it is often an excellent idea to buy a cage for your rabbit anyway. To some rabbits, cages are their sanctuary, where they are able to rest; basically, it is their own little home in your home.

There is such a large selection of rabbit cages to choose from, but picking the right one for your rabbit to feel comfortable is the key.

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Like everyone says “bigger is better”, but in this case, it is true, especially if you have a rabbit that likes to spend a lot of time in their cage. The general rule for buyers when it comes to buying the right rabbit cage is to find a cage that is four times the size of your rabbit. To be more specific, smaller rabbits (eight pounds or less) should get have a case that is around 24 inches by 36 inches. For larger rabbits, 30 inches by 36 inches will do. If you really want your rabbit to have a fun home, you can purchase the “two-storey condo” cage, where the two levels are connected by a ramp.

Steel wire floor cages are popular for rabbit owners to buy because they are easier to clean; however, it is not comfortable for your rabbit and it can give them the hocks or sores. If you want to buy a wire floor cage for convenience, you place a wood board, grass/sisal mats to make your rabbit’s home more comfortable. Otherwise, solid floor cages are not as easy, but it is not a hassle to clean. If you want to, you can also put grass mats and fleece blankets on the bottom of the surface to make your rabbit feel more comfortable. Mats are great for your rabbit’s cage to make them more comfortable, but don’t put pine or cedar shavings because these types of shavings release oils that can cause damages to the rabbits’ livers. If you want to put shavings for sure, make sure it is wood shavings, such as aspen. Another safe alternative is hay or straw.

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The easiest and best way for your rabbit to get in and out of the cage is with the side door. When you are buying the cage yourself, make sure to check that the edges of the opening are padded or rounded. There are cages that open on the top; however, you have to put the rabbit in the cage yourself. Many rabbit owners like to let their rabbit run outdoors to enjoy nature. It is best to keep an eye on your rabbit while it is running free because there are many animal predators that can endanger your rabbit’s safety and life.

Also, there are pesticides, herbicides and poisonous plants that can harm your rabbit. I suggest not letting your rabbit outdoors at night at all. Predators are able to harm or kill your rabbit even if it is in the cage! If you really want to keep your rabbit outdoors, be sure to put in a safe place like a shed or garage where predators cannot get access to. Another great idea for your rabbits to experience the great outdoors is by building a small pen (wooden frames and wire). This allows your rabbits to play outside on a nice sunny day and munch on grass, but make sure the grass is not treated with chemicals. With all these tips mentioned above, your rabbit deserves to have the best and comfortable cage to call home.

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