ISA Brown Chicken Breed – All You Need to Know

ISA Brown Chicken Breed is one of the most sought-after chicken breeds in the world. Research has revealed that one out of ten farms keeps ISA brown chickens. The reasons for that are not farfetched. Firstly, the cost of maintaining the ISA Brown breed is low. Secondly, they are efficient feed converters. Thirdly, the effect of heat on them is mild compared to the black laying chicken breeds like the NERA Black breed. Lastly, ISA Brown chickens are friendly and attractive and lay big, brown eggs.

If you are interested in raising this lovely chicken breed, you should read the following information.


The ISA Brown chickens have an average lifespan of 3 years. However, it has been proven that if they are raised under proper management and given standard chicken care, they can live for long years.


This breed is now popular across the globe even in Africa and they are now being bred by many poultry farmers. The chicks can be easily gotten from local hatcheries.

Origin and History

The ISA Brown originates from the USA and it is actually a hybrid breed developed in 1978 by a company named Institut de Selection Animale.


The ISA Brown chickens can be raised as table egg producers, poultry meat producers or pet chickens.

Personality and Temperament

They are adorable, affectionate and friendly chickens. They easily get along with human beings and have the awesome characteristics of pet chickens. One ‘bad’ but normal thing about them is that they are quite territorial in nature and often attack chickens that are newly introduced into the flock.

Laying Performance

The ISA Brown is primarily developed for egg-laying purposes. They are prolific egg layers and can produce as high as 300 eggs in a year. They usually start dropping eggs around 18 weeks of age, reach 50% production in the 19th week of their life and peak at 96%. However, their laying period terminates around the 90th week of their life.


They are covered with brown-colored feathers and usually have white tail feathers.


ISA Brown chickens need adequate attention and care to do well. Give them the right accommodation, feed and water. Vaccination and medication are also important.


Just like other poultry birds, ISA Brown chickens need to be fed with all the essential nutrients required for them to perform optimally. Well-prepared layer mash is required by an adult ISA Brown hen to do well.


You can keep them in cages, deep litter houses or even on free-range. However, ensure that the home you’re keeping them in is safe from extreme weather conditions and predators. You must also provide a space for nesting (nesting boxes) if you’re keeping them under deep-litter management or a free-range system.


ISA Browns are hardy and can adapt well to hot or cold weather and climate. They also do well in both free and confined environments.