Vital Tips for Building Good Chicken Laying Boxes

Chicken laying boxes differ depending on the layout of the poultry coops or pen. When building your chicken laying boxes it is best to design them so they are practical and function properly. Good chicken laying boxes are planned in a way as to have your hens lay eggs that are most productive.

You basically build a box, add some straw or wood shavings, and the end result is plenty of eggs. If the egg production is low then there is a chance you will have to improve the quality of your chicken laying boxes.

Chicken Nesting Boxes With Aluminum Design
Chicken Nesting Boxes With Aluminum Design

Size of Flock

Quite often you have built your chicken laying boxes but there is to many chickens for practical management and egg production. If your pen is overcrowded then your hens will lay their eggs on the ground where they can be eaten and trampled on.Chickens will be more productive if they are able to nest in smaller boxes. Build your chicken laying boxes smaller to house about four chickens. Don’t build them so big where they can get in and scratch straw and sawdust everywhere.


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Building the Roof

The roof of your chicken laying boxes will need to be sloped so that your chickens will not roost on the top. Have the angle steep enough as this will stop your chickens from roosting and laying their eggs on top.Inside your chicken laying boxes make sure there is adequate straw or wood shavings. Adding a chute in your chicken laying boxes will help with better egg production, and the added cost will be paid for on terms of more eggs. There will also be less broken eggs from the intrusions of other birds.

If you are using a coop or cage, another way is to construct your chicken laying boxes with a door at the back. This will enable you to collect eggs from the outside of the coop without disturbing your hens. Building a two inch lip at the opening will prevent your eggs from falling on the ground when you open the doors. Also build a lip at the entrance of your chicken laying boxes that serves as a step for your hens. This will also help keep the straw or sawdust inside as well as keeping the eggs safe when your hens start scratching around.

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Size of Laying Hen Boxes

The size of your chicken laying hen boxes will vary but as a general rule about 9” inches in height and 12” inches wide will be sufficient. This will also depend on the breed of your chickens.

One other thing to remember is that if you live in a colder climate, then some form of heating during the colder months will greatly benefit your egg production. Maintaining and keeping your chicken laying boxes clean will also keep your chickens happy and healthy.

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