Keeping Your Pet Flea-Free This Spring And Summer

If you have a dog or cat, it is almost time to start thinking about flea prevention tactics to keep your pet and home free from these nasty parasites. Fleas can make your pet uncomfortable from the constant biting they do on their skin. This will cause them to scratch their skin in an attempt for relief. Fleas can also get into your carpeting, making you very upset when they jump up on your legs as you walk through. To avoid these annoyances, there are a few things you can do to prevent fleas from jumping on your pet to begin with.

1. Regular Baths

Giving your pet baths each week with flea treating shampoo or with a mixture of mild dish detergent with water can make a difference in the amount of fleas that will jump on your pet. These treatments are usually given after a pet contracts a flea problem, but using them in advance of flea season can keep fleas from wanting to jump into their fur at all. It is a good practice to get into and will help lessen the load should fleas make their way into your pet’s fur. Comb your pet with a flea comb after bathing to help remove any stray eggs or fleas from their coat.

2. Monthly Flea Medicine

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Flea-repelling medicine can be used once a month on your pet to kill fleas and flea eggs that may already be on their skin. The medicine will continue working after the fleas are killed to break the life cycle. The fleas will be repelled for the whole month. Go to your local animal clinic to purchase treatments. Often they will offer a discounted price or a free dosage if you buy a few months’ supply.

It is best to go to a clinic for these instead of buying them online to make sure the expiration dates are valid and to make sure you get the latest revision of the medicine. Every few years the companies that make the medicine alter the ingredients slightly to stay one step ahead of fleas that get become immune to the concoction.

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3. Treating Your Yard

The best way to keep fleas away is to keep your pets inside. With dogs, this will most likely not be possible because they will need walks and bathroom breaks. To keep the risk of getting fleas and ticks away, use insect killing granules around your home in the grassy areas. These can be found in the landscaping section of a home goods store.

Read the instructions to see if it should be applied before rain or in dry conditions and sprinkle in any areas where your pet frequents. Have your pet avoid the area, however, for a few days after application so they do not ingest any of the material.

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