Effect of Environmental Noise on Poultry Birds’ Performance

Have you ever tried to find out if the performance of poultry birds (broilers, layers, turkeys, quails, geese etc.) is affected by environmental noise? Well, the truth is that the noise produced within or outside your poultry farm has an impacted on the performances of birds. These effects include:

  • Reduction in feed intake or consumption
  • Reduction in feed conversion efficiency (FCR)
  • Reduction in adrenal activities
  • Reduction in intestinal relaxation
  • Internal injuries sustained when frightened by sudden noise

All the effects mentioned above all directly or indirectly affect the birds’ performances in terms of growth performance, egg-laying performance and livability. So, to avoid all these from happening to your birds, avoid building your poultry pens near a feed mill house, generator plant, busy road, and other sources or situations that produce noise. Ensure that your poultry is silent every time in order for your birds to perform well.

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