Agriculture is important to man’s sustenance. Livestock which is the major animal protein source for man is now being recognized by people all over the word. However, there are many livestock farmers with little or no knowledge in raising and managing livestock animals. Hence, they realize low output due to poor performance by their animals which might have been caused by the farmers’ ignorance, lack of information, or wrong or obsolete management practices. To improve and have a better yield, these farmers need up-to-date information about livestock production and management.

Livestocking is an online agribusiness blog that publishes useful articles on livestock production. The articles on Livestocking focus on feed management, health management, performance management, as well as other agribusiness information that is useful to all livestock farmers around the world. Our articles center on both the theoretical and practical aspects of raising and managing livestock animals. The blog aims to be the most preferred when it comes to getting information on How Tos, Start-Ups, and Management in the field of Animal Farming. We also offer free online consultancy service to new and existing livestock farmers with the help of our expertise and experience in livestock farming and management. With Livestocking, livestock farming is made easy.

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